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You will find ads all over these pages - we dont choose them, they appear. They happen to be VERY useful - research the companies that appear in them - research their claims, and then come back to this site and you'll understand what I'm talking about. Put the postcode into google earth and have a look at some of the shambolic places they are registered to - would YOU use anyone who lived there?

Do they offer a Free Survey?  Would you offer your professional services for free? Of course not. But these people aren't professionals - they are gormless con artists following a set routine to flog you 'treatments' that are not needed - it is fraud. 

Be careful - most damp companies are now charging £75 for a survey - that's right - you PAY THEM to come and try to sell you damp proofing.  Remember - if they charge you, you can sue them for fraudulent misrepresentation as soon as they produce a report that tries to sell you chemicals.  Rest assured that you will never need any chemicals, injected or smeared on the wall.  

All their adverts talk about "Eradicating rising damp"  we are a "Family Run Business", "Established for over 30 years", and every one has a statement that "rising damp is due to a lack of an effective damp proof course" - which is complete garbage.  Peter Cox will give you a 'report' that's got about 30 pages of rubbish and a 1 page 'report' which is a sales pitch.  Nothing technical and no diagnosis.

A review of Renlon Ltd

This is an independent review of yet another PCA member company and damp proofing 'expert'

This appeared in Facebook recently and we reproduce it as a public service...


I would like to make this comment about the PCA, I would imagine the PCA will remove this posting because of their assiduous attempts to cover up PCA incompetence and sheer negligence that has resulted in such negative reviews on the internet.

However, those reviews saved me £7680.00 + VAT This was the quotation from a PCA Salesmen that I Invited into our home “In good faith” to undertake a survey and provide a comprehensive report for two damp patches that have appeared within our 1930’s detached property.

I’m a chartered Engineer myself so I was taken back by the “Surveyor” when he immediately produced a small Damp Meter which he started testing the walls with without any external examination, he spend some ten minutes randomly pressing his meter into our plaster- which actually damaged the decorations. He then asked me if “I wanted the bad news” and clearly I was looking for a solution so I invited his reply he stated “your damp course has gone” I asked him exactly where “has it gone” as its made of slate a metamorphic rock millions of years old. He said “the damps eroded it” “it’s broken down” “all your render needs to come off” “you need a new chemical damp course injected.” Clearly shocked I asked him to put that in writing and post me his report.

A few days later a rather glamorous document arrived that made superabundant references to proposed chemical injections using various products and associated methodology with claims and accreditation's which in all probability most people would believe its dubious contents, a very good “sales pitch” clearly factored to frighten the homeowner with references to rising damp and its potential structural damage. Rising damp is common the PCA insists.

In my Engineers mind I could possibly accept a small part of the damp course may have been shattered, with vibration, at some stage, but three complete elevations? This could not be possible- you can see the slate damp course, it looks in perfect condition.

I conducted a few Google searches and remain completely shocked at seeing the exposed behavior of PCA members, it’s clear they are not Surveyors but unqualified workmen who have spent a few hundred pounds on the PCA course to be evolved and subsequently created into a Surveyor and chemical salesmen. The more you dig the worst it gets. Some member on MSE says they receive a three day course and two weeks sales training to complete the package of doom.

To maximise this sales potential the PCA concentrates on “Education” of anyone who wants to pay a fee to undertake one of their three day courses that yields the unethical qualification called a CSRT (Certificated Surveyor in Remedial Treatments) and they actually have the cheek to use the letters after ones name, it’s worth less than the paper it’s printed on, a scandal, a con or worse! Simply PCA “Cowboys” and “chemical salesmen”.

I then invited a graduate member from the ISSE (The Institute of Specialist Surveyors and Engineers) he confirmed there was no rising damp and the damp patches were being cause by trapped moisture and the wrong bonding plaster. The cost to rectify was to be £500.

His very reasonable fee of £275.00 was paid with thanks, he said this is common practice and it’s a £100,000,000 industry (con) based on non-existent rising damp he’s never seen it or knows any professional that has!

I now fully intend to make a formal complaint to trading standards I have full documentation or the attempted scam and absolutely recommend the general public conduct their own searches before paying any money to a damp PCA salesmen.

I would advise anyone else who has been treated in a similar way to get onto trading standards or call the ISSE.

Let’s see if the PCA has the decency to make a reply? I think their action will be instinctive, panic, cover up and hide, and remove this posting rather that to investigate the member concerned, it should be noted without selling Chemicals and educating unqualified workmen there would be no PCA and they would all be jobless, but rather than that carry on ripping off the public.

Good old rip off Britain!

We await their reply!

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Renlon Ltd