RICS surveyors are incompetent

Those damp meters again...

Spring is around the corner, and after one of the wettest and mildest winters, we are swamped with calls about building surveys.

In particular, we are having to deal with an unprecedented volume of incompetent surveys by RICS Chartered Surveyors who are using 'Damp Meters' to diagnose problems.  In the last week alone, I have had THREE cases of negligence, one of which has already admitted responsibility, and another two who are FRICS, who are currently squirming their way to independent tribunal.

Each of them has used a 'damp meter' or 'protimeter' to diagnose 'rising damp'.  In each case, we have shown the house to be dry, and their so called professional, RICS "The Mark of Property Professionalism" to be a load of old cobblers. These people are incompetent at best and should not be surveying a dolls house.  

Let's get something straight:

  • Damp meters do not measure damp.
  • RICS Chartered surveyors who use damp meters are professional idiots
  • The system needs changing.

We now have a database of heaven knows how many cases of these idiots - most of whom are now handing back survey fees, and some of whom are engaged in liability cases reaching into the hundreds of thousands.  The average RICS Chartered Surveyor has not got a bloody clue what he or she is doing.  I have challenged RICS to discussion - they decline.  They try to threaten me with legal action - I say - yup - bring it on.  I WANT them to try and take me to court for besmirching their silly 'We are The Mark of Property Professionalism".  I can then prove what a bunch of idiots they are.

Where does this leave the average homebuyer who wants to know if their future purchase is safe?


We simply do not have the resources to cover all the country's needs.  Nor should we.  There needs to be proper training of surveyors so they fully understand the differences between solid walled, breathable buildings, and new construction. There is a Standard - BS:7913.  99% of RICS Chartered surveyors have never heard of it, and never will - they couldn't give a damn. Surveyors are not taught this - again, blame the RICS - they are at fault, they do not want to train people in old buildings.  They can't give a damn about lime, about breathability, about using thermo hygrometers and thermal imaging cameras in surveys. The average idiot from RICS uses a £90 protimeter 'damp meter' to do a survey.  We use about £10,000 to £15,000 worth of thermal imaging cameras, thermo hygrometer probes, and thermocouples to look at how the building fabric is behaving. We know how to use this kit.  EVERY surveyor should do the same - and know how to use it.  Then they can call themselves the 'Mark of Property Professionalism'.  Until then, they are a bunch of uneducated yobbos in my view, who should not be let loose on a dolls house.


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