Case Histories

We've created a whole new section on the site to showcase some of the work we do, both involving timber and damp surveys, and major building surveys of old homes.  Peter takes a lot of video, so many of these are presented as videos, together with information about the house concerned.  

Damp survey examples

We hope it brings home to our viewers the full extent of incompetence and fraud within the Survey industry - whether at the sharp end, with many RICS chartered surveyors telling clients to appoint a Property Care Association 'Timber and Damp surveyor' or just PCA registered damp companies being asked to survey houses directly for clients.  In every case, we try to show how damp proofing is not required, and how downright incompetent and fraudulent all these people are.  

Building Condition Survey, Pre-Purchase Survey, Homebuyer Survey

We hope also that you see how Building Condition Surveys can be fun, informative, and educational - we like our clients to learn about their potential home.  Richard is doing more and more Full Structural Surveys in London and the surrounding areas, with clients finding out all sorts of interesting things about their purchase - Richard sometimes getting rather dirty checking out under-floor spaces, narrow loft areas, drainage systems, and all manner of incompetent attempts at damp proofing where none is required.  In Scotland, John explores old Manse houses, farm cottages on the Western Islands, and damp walls in Edinburgh!  He is doing structural building surveys all over Scotland, together with timber and damp surveys - even travelling as far south as north Yorkshire on occasion.

Latest News
Pete's on BBC Radio 4 now!

Pete recently did an interview on BBC Radio 4 - You and Yours - which investigated a case history of failed cavity wall insulation.

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Guidance concerning Energy Efficiency in Historic Buildings

This is the English Heritage Guidance document that covers almost all the issues I cover in this site.

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An Irish client and his magnificent restoration blog

Our client, John, wanted help with this restoration - it led to this great blog.

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Rising damp is a myth, says former RICS chief

Stephen Boniface, former chairman of the construction arm of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS ), has told the institute’s 40,000 members that ‘true...

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It's Condensation Season!

The phone is running off the hook with calls about condensation. Find out how to solve your issues.

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The Haynes Manual for Period Property

Ian Rock has written another of his great books.  This one is even better - We've helped Ian with this one and there's loads of photos of our guys doing timber frame work.  A great book, with lots of practical information you need if you have an old home.  Treat yourself and buy this - you won't regret it!

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