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We are getting so many complaints, and seeing so much fraud from this group of Hungarian / Romanian scam artists, that I've had to add a whole new category to the site. 

Basically they are Scientologists - religious freaks, who are targeting the elderly, and churches, town halls and the like - and selling them massively expensive (£4000 to £5000 a time) flying saucer / beehive shaped jelly moulds. They claim the emit some sort of magnetic energy that banishes damp. Even the so called inventor has been declareed bankrupt, and all those involved in the scam are Scientologists. Numerous court cases all over Europe have proven this is a scam.

The pages here show some of the bullshit they are peddling - and you are welcome to look through their website at the fraudulent claims made - most of the 'happy client videos' are from other scientologists. The videos of my cellar are faked - I made a video which exposed them - they turned it round to try and show how pleased I was - I'll reporoduce both videos so you can see. Its hilarious., if not extremely serious fraud.

They claim their system is backed and approved by Historic England.  IT IS NOT!!!! They were thrown out of the Listed Property Show after picking a fight with Historic England - who refuse to acknowledge them.

Which brings me to the case of Maldon Town Hall - where they defrauded the Town Council out of a system, by claiming it was endorsed by Historic England. See the page below.

The Schrijver damp proofing system
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Electro Osmosis Damp Proofing systems - Utter and complete fraud
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Injection damp proofing
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Lectros Electro Osmotic system - a scientist says it doesn't work
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Lectros Electro Osmotic DPC - failed

A brilliant case study of a Lectros Osmotic damp course that does not work.  The damp company ran screaming for the hills when the client tried to claim on...

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Holland Damp Proofing system - another Con Artist bites the dust
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Hydrotek Wallguard - a serious case of fraud
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Damp and Condensation
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This is the English Heritage Guidance document that covers almost all the issues I cover in this site.

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It's Condensation Season!

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The Haynes Manual for Period Property

Ian Rock has written another of his great books.  This one is even better - We've helped Ian with this one and there's loads of photos of our guys doing timber frame work.  A great book, with lots of practical information you need if you have an old home.  Treat yourself and buy this - you won't regret it!

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