Core Conservation is this a scam?

Important - Scroll down to see the latest about this scammer - and a German TV expose of the scam, together with a German property science website that also investigated them. The Aquapol company was taken to court in Germany by the government there, for false advertising and fraud - and they were convincingly found guilty.

I have published a lot of detail about Aquapol over the years - on facebook, on twitter, and now here.  The survey industry keep chasing them up and down the country, making sure to document all their activity and their new company names. I understand they have upset the Property Care Association - who are the official damp industry organisation in this country. There's a Twitter handle @aquapolscam - which is a site I understand that was set up by a chap whose elderly parents were scammed to the tune of well over £4,000.   

I am well informed that Historic England have investigated them and will have nothing to do with them - more on this later.  I am also reliably informed that they have been thrown out of the Listed Property Owners Show, after one of the most important sponsors, Historic England, and Historic Environment Scotland, refused to share the show with them and asked them to leave. I'm told reliably that the show organisers were given an ultimatum - us or them.

Their modus operandi is simple:  Create the impression they know all about conservation. Use the word Conservation all over the website.  Talk about breathability. Talk about lime plaster, lime render. Use all the things we talk about on our sites - talk about moisture being the biggest cause of deterioration of building fabric. Talk about diagnosis of damp problems... They use my favourite word - holistic - because that's what surveyors do when they assess a building for moisture issues.

But then they try to sell you a bloody magnetic lampshade. (That's not my description by the way - one of the Technical boffins at Historic England came up with it, and its how they now refer to it)

About Val Juhaz: How I met the guy, and how he used me...

All of this builds a picture for you, the innocent home owner, of a company that knows what it is doing.  It doesn't.  Most of what is on their website site is copied from my site. O know this because when they started, they had nothing but a magic lampshade. Then they found me .  Anything that isn't copied from me, is copied from other similar professionally run businesses.  The bloke that runs this show is called Val Juhaz.  He came to me a few years ago and told me he wanted to get into the conservation game in the UK, and asked for my help. Now at that time, I clearly had no idea who he was, or what he did. So I spent many hours on the phone to this Val Juhaz, talking about damp in houses, and moisture, and the fraud of rising damp, which is well established in the media. I told him where to go for information, which organisations to be a part of if he was to get into the conservation game. He was strangely insistent. He kept ringing me and asking questions. Then he started to ask to come and see me. Still no alarm bells rang. I didnt realise at the time that I was being used - the guy was extracting every bit of knowledge about the damp industry I could offer, and learning about my scientific approach to rising damp - not to understand how to properly diagnose moisture problems, but how to get round the rising damp - how to claim it existed. Finally he admitted that he had a company called Core Conservation, and was going to cure peoples damp problems for them. One day he turned up at my house, and spent the entire day digging information out of me - I realise now that I wasted a lot of valuable time and effort, talking to someone who was literally sucking information out of me, and trying to find out how I approached the whole rising damp scam. I have to admit I started to feel a little threatened by this bloke.  He asked if he could look at the worst case of damp that I'd ever encountered, and show that he could cure it. I thought long and hard about this, knowing full well that he could meet clients, and upset them - and decided that privacy and data protection would never allow me to introduce him to clients anyway. Any damp issues clients had were long ago solved and could not be improved on - its not complicated to take plaster off walls or lower ground levels - or fit ventilation.  I jokingly told him that I had a wet cellar, and he said he'd like to cure my wet cellar.  Rather unwillingly, I said he could have a look.

A few days later he and his co-conspirator turned up. To my amusement, they appeared carrying a white object that they said was magnetic and would cure the damp in my cellar. Now the damp in my cellar is there because the walls are well below ground. In very wet clays. With a steep bank behind the house. And at the time, there wasnt very good ventilation. And the cellar had been painted years ago with cellar paint. So -  its a wet, painted, unventilated cellar with poor drainage.  So in they went. These two guys spent all day fiddling around in my cellar, and fitting this magic lampshade to the ceiling in there. They told me that it would immediately start to dry my cellar out. It was an amazing piece of scientific technology - very expensive to make - but it didn't need power, because it worked by using the earth's magnetic field. They took lots of samples of the walls - didnt actually show me the samples - which I thought interesting, seeing as it was my house, and I'm supposed to know all about damp walls - but they did drill holes, and take samples.  One of the most amusing episodes was when one of them wandered through the house carrying what he called an 'Electro Smog Meter' - a funny yellow thing with a big silver ball on the end of it - and took lots of readings via a flickering needle that seemed to sway backwards and forwards. Apparently our houses are full of Electro Smog - and it is this that makes them damp. When the earths magnetic field works, your house is dry - but this Electro Smog gets in the way of the magnetic field  and makes water rise. (Seriously - this is honest truth - and what they told me).  OK - so this thing apparently inntercepts the magnetic wavesx that roll through our houses, and somehow straighten them out, making the wdater that is rising in my walls all of a sudden turn around and go back to the earths core. It came from there you see, and magnetism holds it there until we interfere with that magnetism, via the medium of Electro Smog.

Anyway, they finally finished walking around taking their electro smog readings, and put all their gadgets away - telling me that they would be able to show that the cellar would dry naturally without any further involvement from me.  So off they went. About this time I noticed that the Core Conservation website was now proudly showing my cellar as a case history of a 'damp cellar' that they had cured. This was about 6 months after the first visit, and numerous long phone calls from Val Juhaz who continued to 'stalk me' looking for information about conservation. He would ask me the best places to go and learn - which conferences, which shows, who to talk to about increasing his damp skills. By this stage I had smelled a rat anyway - and started to look at the whole circumstances surrounding this strange lampshade device. So to continue the cellar story - after about three or four months, I went down into the cellar and to my horror discovered that the ceiling joists were soaking wet, covered in mould, and the floor and walls were soaking wet - worse than I'd ever seen them. I'd totally forgotten about the lampshade by then - and started to look at how this poorly ventilated cellar could get some airflow. We decided to open up a hole at each end, and managed to periscope vent the ends, feed ing to an intake, out take ventilation fan made by Vapourflow Ltd, in Reading. Once the fans fired up, the cellar rapidly dried out - and the mould started to recede. The timbers had been quite badly damaged in places by fungal rot - a direct result of the claims that Aquapol, of Core Conservation made that their device would dry the cellar. After nearly a year, it was wetter than ever, and saved only by the ventilation fans we installed. I took masonry samples ( I measure moisture in % of wet weight) and walls that had been sampled by Core Conservation at around 8% (I checked the drill locations where they took samples and did my own) - and the walls were still at the same moisture content. 8% is not over the top but its enough to be a concern. After installing the ventilation system, these dropped quickly to around 4% and are still consistently around that level several years later.

The magic lampshade did nothing in all of the time it was in the cellar, and was eventually ripped out and opened up to reveal a bit of printed circuit board with strange spirals on it. I gave it to a friend who is an electrical engineer and he chuckled - 'It'll make a TV aerial'  was his only comment. Juhaz continued to stalk me - I heard he'd been thrown out of the Listed Property Show, then started to see twitter articles saying he had scammed people, and I've had numerous calls from other Chartered Surveyors who have investigated damp houses in which the 'magic lampshade' had been installed. In all these cases the houses were still wet, and the common thread of the stories was that the only thing needed was better ventilation and improvements to things like ground levels. Juhaz turned up at my house one night, demanding to be let into the house. I called the polica and he eventually left before they arrived. 

Since then, I've heard nothing more from him, until I got an email from the Advertising Standards Authority saying he was upset that I was apparently running him down and that was naughty. Apparently I'm advertising.  U'm not really sure WHAT I'm advertising - but clearly he's not a happy bunny.

I'm also reliably informed that Mr Juhazz is a Scientologist.  And has been for a long time. 



Important November 2019 update:

We have had a large number of complaints reported to us by folks who in the main have visited trade shows around the country and been accosted by a bloke who attempts to convince them that he can 'cure' their damp. He tries to convince them he understands old houses, and is a conservation expert.  Whether any problems actually exist in the houses owned by his victims remains to be seen or proven.  A common thread is that this nice mannered chap turns up, does a survey, and then goes into hard-sell mode. Heaven help you if you don't want to buy his system at the time - after all, he's spent all day drilling holes in your walls and taking countless 'scientific samples' and wonderful images of colour changes in walls, so it must be good science.  Well no it is not. It's complete and utter bullshit, using equipment that cannot measure moisture - although he does claim to take carbide samples - I'd like to see his calibration certificates for the kit!  If you don't buy on the spot (and his report will tell you that you need to lower ground levels / increase ventilation / take off gypsum plaster / cement render - you know, all the things we tell you to do....) - THEN you get to pay him about £4000 for a magnetic machine that will guarantee your house to be dry....  

The problem now is that Juhaz is going round telling people that I am a scammer - and attempts to convince people that Heritage House is out to stop him, the poor genuine chap that he is - and how nasty am I ... Funny that - he's just trying to sell you about £4,000 worth of useless damp proofing, after using me to set himself up.

Anyway - against this backdrop of an angry Hungarian / Romanian / Englishman (I'll get to his identity crisis in a bit - Companies House are a bit worried) - A colleague over the pond in Europe recently reminded me that aquapol have a rather interesting history in Europe. 

Here is some of the information that proves just what a fraud is this this bloody useless, unproven, unscientific lampshade for £4000 - my friend says:

"Thank you for exposing the Aquapol scammers. I investigated them 5 years ago. They have a long trail of litigation in Germany:

Here is a youtube expose on German TV about AQUAPOL:

You need to hit the Subtitles / Close Caption button on Youtube and then go to settings, subtitles, auto translate, and select 'English'.  The translation isn't brilliant, but you instantly get the picture: The whole thing is a fraud. Run by a bunch of religious freaks, well known to the German legal system, have had numerous awards against them after successful claims proving fraudulent, dodgy pseudo science"



Court Cases in Europe against the aquapol scam

This is some of the European court activity about aquapol:

Successful injunction proceedings against pseudoscientist Wilhelm Mohorn  and unsuccessful cease and desist proceedings against Pseudo-scientist Mohorn has not been able to prove the effectiveness of hocus-pocus in more than 20 trials in over 5 years, although the hocus-pocus has been sold for more than 20 years. The courts finally asked for the truthfulness of his statements.

Aquapol: l

Unsuccessful cease and desist procedure of Aquapol against OGH Austria 17 Ob 2 / 09g

Successful injunction proceedings against the company Aquapol due to unfair advertising:
District Court Munich I, 23.10.2008 ; OLG Munich?
LG Dessau-Rosslau 3O74 / 08, 19.11.2008
district court Bayreuth 13 KH O 33/09, 15.05.2009
district court Frankfurt (Oder), 05.06.2009; OLG Brandenburg 11 O 48/09, 23.02.2010
Regional Court Darmstadt 16 O 396/09, 07.07.2009
LG Kleve; OLG Düsseldorf I-20 U 20/09, 07.07.2009
LG Ansbach 5 HK O 1/09
LG Lüneburg 7 O 23/09, 26.03.2009
OLG Naumburg 10 U 56/08, 29.05.2009
District Court Bamberg; OLG Bamberg 3 U 126/09, 29.10.2009
LG Aschaffenburg 1 HK O 64/09, 20.05.2010
District Court Cottbus 11O48 / 09 23.02.2010
LG Augsburg 1 HK O 5008/09, 25.02.2010
LG Traunstein 1 HK O 1375/09, 21.04.2010
LG Dresden 44 HK O 224/08, 10.12.2010
District Court Frankfurt am Main 6U195 / 10, 26.09.2013 ; Higher Regional Court Frankfurt 6 U 195/10 26.09.2013
LG Hannover; OLG Celle 13 U 119/13, 19.12.2013

Aquapol ruling of the district court Munich I from 23.10.2008
In the judgment which the association social competition against the company Aquapol obtained, the district court in its decision reasons as follows:
With the prohibited advertising statements the company Aquapol offends against the regulations of the law against unfair ones Competition.
The alleged effects of the colloquial so-called "magic box" can not be scientifically proven or confirmed.
Such evidence would not even result from the distributor's own claims.
Apart from the slogans alleged by the defendant company, there is no evidence that the statements could actually be correct.
In the process, the distributor of the "magic box" himself admitted that "at the present time, the proof according to the rules of recognized physics is not feasible".
Furthermore, the defendant must admit that the effect of the advertised devices is not yet possible by expert opinion at the present time. At present it can not be proved that any drying of walls and buildings is actually due to the use of the advertised devices.
As the moisture content of buildings improves, such results can not be attributed to these devices as substantiated scientific knowledge.
LG Munich 1, 4HK 0 21180/07

Cease and desist procedure for other magic boxes:

Higher Regional Court Düsseldorf, 7.07.2009

Regional Court Munich II, 02.01.2009

Berlin Regional Court, 16.01.2009
Landgericht Ansbach, 23.01.2009
Regional Court Braunschweig 14.01.2009

district court Dessau-Roßlau 19.11.2008
district court Munich II, 02.01.2009

Higher Regional Court Naunburg, 29.05.2009

district court Munich I, 04.08.2008

NET (Naturenergietechnik)
Regional Court Dresden, 23.01.2009

For a change, it is sometimes "magnetokinesis" instead of "geo-gravomagnetic fields" or "microwave-like geoenergy":

wall wet

Masonry drying with magnetokinesis : consumer deception ! Wilhelm Mohorn wants to kidnap the OLG Frankfurt, 28.01.2014: In masonry, there is usually no rising damp, because the joints are grossbporiger and therefore work as capillary breaking layer:

Moist walls - Aquapol promises remedy, RA Bohle Blog
It is in the "device" to a plastic ball (material value about 30 euros), in which two boards without any connections are - the rest of the content is in air. Connections, power supply or anything tangible You are looking for technical equipment in vain - mind you, at a retail price of several thousand euros!
Naturally, in various proceedings, I also "clashed" with Aquapol and their representatives, and I always offer:
"We put their office / house under water, moisten all the walls and then use Aquapol's device for drying."
You will probably already guessed that nobody wants to get involved in such a thing. Presumably, they are not as gullible and desperate as some homeowners.
A resignation from the contract is legally possible if the thing lacks an agreed condition, with each court, which controls the laws of physics upper school, then come without expert opinion to the conclusion that the devices just can not work: Where should to stay the water? How can a board work without a power supply?
This knowledge of physics had last not a magistrate and actually obtained an opinion on the operation of the "device". The expert's report was conclusively damaging to Aquapol:
"There is no scientific proof that the device works."
Then then the district court has determined that the device the agreed condition (possibility of dehumidification) is missing, so that Aquapol has been sentenced there to repay! Conclusion: Do not be fooled. ...

Aquapol wonder ball opened! 27.11.2009
For years I am amazed at the apparent sales success of the magic balls of Aquapol and Wigopol, and how the other providers of "electrodeless reverse osmosis" may be called. How I was pleased that finally court judgments were issued against these companies, advertising ala "suitable for the dehumidification" may no longer be made. Even better the video of the "Wiso-detective" !!!! (Thanks for that!)
And even greater my happiness when I was called today in a earth-moist cellar to a mold attack. And the lady after a few-thousand-euro investment has also noted the inefficiency of the Aquapol ball. She gave me the ball without further ado. I will open these and inform about the content.

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