Injection damp proofing

Injection damp proofing is about the most destructive, and useless thing anyone has ever done to a building.  It damages bricks, and achieves precisely NOTHING!

And all of this destruction is courtesy of the Property Care Association - the chemical industry monopoly. This is the organisation that has tried to make it the ONLY  'Timber and Damp surveyors' to be recommended by RICS.  Not whilst I'm on this planet they won't.  Makes a mockery of the name doesn't it!  Everything about them says 'Fraud!'  All their literature has logos - PCA, GPI (Thats Guarantee Protection Insurance - the PCA owns the company if you hadn't guessed - all the same Directors!!) Trustmark - God what a con that is - the Chief Executive of the PCA now on the Board of Trustmark - appointed by a woman doing marketing and promotion for the PCA - strange that...   The entire industry is one enormous scam.  Peter Cox is the biggest scam artist of all the members, Timberwise - taken to court for dumping asbestos illegally, Kenwood - who churn out identical fraudulent quotes on a daily basis in London to dozens of our clients, and many more.  We collect these fraudulent quotes, and can prove every one of them is complete and utter fraudulent misrepresentation of the situation - every one using a 'damp meter' that doesnt measure damp at all. Every one stating that the 'Damp course has broken down'  (I've never yet seen a proper damp course broken down, even if there was actually a need for one, which there isn't).  Every one telling you to 'remove plaster and replace with salt inhibiting waterproof plaster to a metre high.  Every one telling you to inject.

How come they don't have rising damp in Europe?

How come they dont have rising damp in America?

All these buildings have timber floors - see the sub-floor vents?  They are perfectly dry - ventilated sub floors keeping the foundations lovely and dry.  Internally, most of the walls I looked at when I knocked on doors, were affected by condensation - some of them were rented properties - for some reason, rentals always suffer more with dampness issues.  Not one of them had 'rising damp', not one needed injecting, but all of them could have done with better ventilation.

Damp and Condensation
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