Sprayed Foam Insulation

Sprayed Foam Insulation - a disaster for your home

The Heritage House Survey crew are seeing numerous instances of sprayed foam insulation under roof areas. It is a disaster. Any roof that has this foam sprayed into it, will make the house unsaleable. It traps moisture against the roof timbers, and rots them. It sticks tiles and slates together, making it impossible to work on the roof. Slates have to be thrown away, as do tiles. It is toxic - and off-gasses poisonous fumes. The RICS survey community will condemn a roof that has sprayfoam.  Those selling it have been taken to court by Trading Standards many times and there are numerous prosecutions of sprayfoam 'contractors'. They claim there are two types to confuse the market - open cell foam and closed cell foam. There is no difference between the two - they both trap moisture and are not breathable.  It is also claimed these are approved by Building Regulations for use. They are not. They are not, and never will be, approved by Building Regulations officials for spraying into loft spaces to insulate them. They prevent ventilation, and rot the timbers of the loft. They make the loft damp. This causes mould and mildew, and worse still, beetle attack to timbers and joists.

Our advice is NEVER have any sprayed foam insulation - the vendors are often criminals, and often claim there are grants to cover the cost. There are no grants. There is no government money available for this - it is a scam.

Damp and Condensation
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