The Damp Con Collection

The Schrijver damp proofing system
Electro Osmosis Damp Proofing systems - Utter and complete fraud
Lectros Electro Osmotic system - a scientist says it doesn't work
Injection damp proofing
Lectros Electro Osmotic DPC - failed

A brilliant case study of a Lectros Osmotic damp course that does not work.  The damp company ran screaming for the hills when the client tried to claim on...

Holland Damp Proofing system - another Con Artist bites the dust
Hydrotek Wallguard - a serious case of fraud
Aquapol - does it work?
Damp and Condensation
Recent News
RICS prove they don't understand damp

I've just seen this staggeringly incompetent blog on the RICS website.  This is the kind of mis-information that is being fed to homeowners all over the country - and...

Pete's on BBC Radio 4 now!

Pete recently did an interview on BBC Radio 4 - You and Yours - which investigated a case history of failed cavity wall insulation.

An Irish client and his magnificent restoration blog

Our client, John, wanted help with this restoration - it led to this great blog.

It's Condensation Season!

The phone is running off the hook with calls about condensation. Find out how to solve your issues.

The Haynes Manual for Period Property

Ian Rock has written another of his great books.  This one is even better - We've helped Ian with this one and there's loads of photos of our guys doing timber frame work.  A great book, with lots of practical information you need if you have an old home.  Treat yourself and buy this - you won't regret it!

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