Aquapol and Core Conservation

We have a large collection of complaints about a bloke running around the country flogging Aquapol as a means to dry out 'damp' houses. He trades now under the name of Core Conservation. The only problem is that the bloke has zero qualifications in conservation. In fact the only 'qualification' he cites is some obscure Hungarian 'Ing...' after his name and supposedly a business degree - which probably helps defraud people even more. He has tried to convince people that this system works - and quotes very happy clients - none of whom have a clue whether the system works or not, because usually there wasnt a problem to start with. The website is very cleverly laid out with lots of supposedly scientific articles, and discussions (mostly lifted from our site) about rising damp, diagnosis of damp, and damp surveys. Core Conservation is indeed a Con..

Even the client references mention 'quotes' - which I guarantee will be in the thousands of pounds, and always involve one of these ridiculous magnets. His example surveys are a joke - covering very little of the real issues involved - critical measurements of parameters we always monitor are missing, and the poor victims are presented with a very pretty report that looks 'oh, so scientific - thermal images, pretty colours.. ' all of which are meaningless.

I had to laugh at the section about salts, and ground salts. There's zero understanding - and his descriptions of the sources of these salts defy scientific comprehension. Reading his website, you'd think we all lived in a seething mass of over applied agricultural nitrates (which are so hard to actually measure, as they are 'here today, gone tomorrow'... I should know - I ran the largest agricultural soil testing laboratory in Australia) - and as a Geochemist by training, I know a thing or two about things like salts. Again, his website is crammed full of bull crap.

The trouble is - people believe what they are told - and if it is dressed up enough (Emperors New Clothes springs to mind) they accept complete bulldust without hesitation.

This bloke even talks about lime as though he knows a thing or two about it - the fact that he is pushing a bunch of very expensive Italian lime based products as 'renovation plasters' puts him at the back of a long line of people flogging similar crap - this is a quote from some of the site :  "RINZAFFO MGN is a natural hydraulic lime mortar, made salt resistant with the addition of pozzolanic hydraulic binders"... Guess what - research in this country by ourselves and many others has largely discredited hydraulic limes as being too hard and unbreathable - we've moved on from that position, and almost NEVER suggest hydraulic limes of any kind.

This is just one small example of the absolute tosh that this bloke is touting - he's desperate to appear credible - but as long as our clients complain, and he keeps pushing his brand of fraudulent bulldust, he ain't going very far.

Until recently he was quoting me as some sort of case history on his site - unsurprisingly that case history now appears to have disappeared.  He appeared at our premises very late one night claiming to want to see me - he vanished as soon as we called the police.



Oh - and remember what I said about there's no such thing as a free lunch?  Here's the booking form for his 'professional surveys:

"Here you can request a professional dampness survey - offered for FREE for a limited time. Feel free to tell us as much about the building / project / problem as you feel necessary."

I can feel a problem coming on here - that you'll get this bloke in to do a damp survey, be taken in with the smooth talk - and then get a quote for a magnetic bollocks machine...  

Damp and Condensation
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