Ferrous Sulphate - Roof Cleaner - 1kg

Ferrous sulphate is the main active ingredient of moss killers which are sold mainly for killing moss in lawns.  Sold in this form, it is legal to transport as a garden product.  Sold as a chemical, it needs specialist carriers.  So we sell it as a garden product!

For cleaning your roof, you will need to test a small area with a 1% Ferrous Sulphate solution (ie. 10gms/1L of water). If this does not give the desired effect a stronger solution can be used up to a maximum of 5% Ferrous Sulphate (50gms/1L of water).  If you make it too strong, you may stain the roof - it's not the end of the world - a spray with oxalic acid will remove the staining, but I'd prefer just to see your roof clear of moss!

To green your lawn, use 10-20g per Litre.  Be aware that at dilutions of 30g per Litre and higher, blackening of moss will occur.  This is why Ferrous Sulphate is often included as an active ingredient in commercial lawn moss killing products. Over application of the product can result in blackening of grass.

The suggested rate of application for Ferrous Sulphate solution is 5 sq m per Litre.

The solution will cause staining if spilt or applied to hard surfaces such as concrete.  These brownish stains are effectively a form of rust and to remove them you will need to use an acid solution like Oxalic acid (used as a 5% solution).

When treating lawns with ferrous sulphate keep pets off the surface for at least one week. This protects their well-being and prevents transfer of residues onto hard surfaces (i.e. brown staining).

For application on agricultural pasture land / paddocks etc use at the same rates as above. Animals like horses must be kept of grasslands for at least 4 weeks before being allowed back to graze.

An over usage of Ferrous Sulphate can be harmful if the land being applied to has a low pH (Acidic) as Ferrous Sulphate is naturally acidic with a pH of 2.5. It is also recommended that the entire lawn be treated rather than specific areas to prevent certain patches becoming more acidic than others.

NOTE: We must stress that this information can only be used as a guideline and is given in good faith. We cannot be held responsible for any adverse effects that may be experienced as a result of use of the above product.

Health & Safety

R-Phrases: R22 Harmful if swallowed. R36/38 Irritating to eyes and skin.

S-Phrases: S46 If swallowed, seek medical advice immediately and show container or label.

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