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From mining to old houses...

Peter has spent many years working as a geochemist and geologist, as well as restoring historic homes all over the world. His background in geochemistry has given him a unique set of skills when applied to understanding the reasons for damp problems in old buildings. He has extensive knowledge of chemistry and the mechanisms by which stone and other building materials deteriorate and oxidise under the influence of water and air. Add to this experience in the movement of metallic ions through rock (essentially the formation of orebodies) - and he has a very unusual viewpoint of the real reasons for, and solutions to damp issues in old buildings. He is becoming well known for his constant campaign against the Timber and Damp Proofing industry, and their fraudulent practises which cost an unsuspecting public many millions of pounds each year. 

About Pete and the crew

Pete at show
Pete... at a gathering of fellow mineralogists. He sells spare minerals and crystals when he's not fixing houses..
Pete by Mine
Brought to his knees, after a long weekend of digging, mine conservation, rebuilding the mine office (see walls behind!) with help from Soot the dog, who digs the holes for the timbers, and wears her own mining lamp!
Pete at work
The only known picture of Pete actually at work on a building site - note tape measure, dirty jeans and piece of wood in his hand...
Pete in shaft
Pete - shaft-sinker extraordinaire. The shaft is about 30' deep, sunk in the quest for fluorite crystals in the Weardale, Co. Durham. He's even wearing a Heritage-House jersey...

The company is owned and managed by Pete. He's responsible for overall management and paper pushing! He has considerable experience in the business world. After University In the early 1980's, he ran a farm contracting and building company, but sold this when he moved to Australia. 4 years running gold mines followed, before setting up a mining software development company. This became one of the largest mining and farm software companies globally. He sold this to return to England in 1999, to restore period properties. In his spare time Peter maintains links with the mining industry and collects mineral and gem specimens. He has two horses, and works with them whenever he can. 

All the team are conservation trained. Richard is a Chartered Surveyor living in London.