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Lime Torching in an old roof
Our new London office - torching the underside of the coach house roof with lime. Traditional alternative to roofing felt! ...
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Mixing and making Hot Lime mortar
We are building a new office in our London base - an old coach house. Here the boys are making hot lime mortar in readiness for repairs. It's so easy, so cheap, ...
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Forge Paint Removal
We show the process of paint removal from an old house covered in plastic masonry paint. This traps moisture into walls. Plastic is removed and earlier paints ...
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Opening up an historic timber frame - many problems..
We surveyed this house, and warned client of potential problems. After negotiating allowance for repairs, they have completed purchase and we are now ...
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Rising damp - Nope - its broken drains!
It's been suggested this property needed damp proofing and tanking. We gave the thermal imaging camera a workout, and found peculiar cold areas. It rained ...
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Structural damage from rusting iron
Rusting iron girders, iron pins, iron brackets in walls - all of these combine in this property to cause serious structural movement, purely through expansion of the ...
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Extreme damp wallys
Mike did a survey recently in London and found this absolute mess - some of the worst damp wally damage we've ever seen. They even injected the skirting ...
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A burn test on Kingspan insulation panels from our cellar
After threats from Kingspan to sue us for defamation if we published anything about their insulation, we thought we'd have another go at burning their insulation.
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Grade 2 Listed Timber frame survey - Part 2
Surveying a timber frame is a complex art form. You need to understand what makes a joint - how structural is the timber you are looking at? Is the timber original ...
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Timber frame survey
This will give you some insights into what we look for when surveying old timber framed buildings. The pitfalls are huge, but so can be the rewards.
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Welsh timber framed Hall House
Ancient smoke blackened timbers from Medieval cooking fires, a Victorian range, and modern repairs live side by side in this ancient house. Inappropriate ...
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Using oakum caulking to seal infill panels on timber frame
We show you how to use our caulking to make infill panels watertight in an historic oak framed building. If you need oakum and caulking iron, we sell caulking ...
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Recent News
RICS prove they don't understand damp

I've just seen this staggeringly incompetent blog on the RICS website.  This is the kind of mis-information that is being fed to homeowners all over the country - and...

Pete's on BBC Radio 4 now!

Pete recently did an interview on BBC Radio 4 - You and Yours - which investigated a case history of failed cavity wall insulation.

An Irish client and his magnificent restoration blog

Our client, John, wanted help with this restoration - it led to this great blog.

It's Condensation Season!

The phone is running off the hook with calls about condensation. Find out how to solve your issues.

The Haynes Manual for Period Property

Ian Rock has written another of his great books.  This one is even better - We've helped Ian with this one and there's loads of photos of our guys doing timber frame work.  A great book, with lots of practical information you need if you have an old home.  Treat yourself and buy this - you won't regret it!

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