The Maldon Town Council Fraud by Core Conservation

It's been brought to our attention by some rather angry folk in a number of public bodies, and we happily expose the fraud here:

It seems Scientologist Val Juhasz found out that Maldon Town Hall was suffering from a bit of condensation damage.

Rather than suggest improved ventilation, which would have sorted the problem, he decided he'd sell them one of his fanciful, nonsensical jelly moulds - the Aquapol system.

So, our Val Juhasz turns up at Maldon Town Hall, to a Council Meeting.

Here's the Minutes - just the front page here = scroll down to see the really interesting bit:

Val Juhasz lies to Maldon Town Council

Here is proof positive that Val Juhasz, Core Conservation, Aquapol - Scientologist, lied to Maldon Town Council.

He says specifically 'Aquapol is approved for use by English Heritage'.  It is not. 

In his claims, he says it will only address the 'rising damp' not the natural humidity in the atmosphere. Bit of a clincher really, considering there is no such thing as rising damp, and that 99% of moisture trapped in building fabric comes from ..... natural humidity in the atmosphere. 

His hole drilling is fun. He claims he takes samples and tests them for moisture content. Then comes back and does it again. Does anyone check these numbers? Nope. So in reality, what he does is make a mess, drill holes, take samples, concoct figures to make it look like something is happening, when actually the best thing we could do is install a couple of humidity controlled ventilation fans.

So - Maldon Town Councillors were conned out of however much they were quoted to 'lease' the system - where he claims it will take at least 18 months to 'cure'their non existent rising damp. I'd love to know the cost - and will be making an application for this information - as well as telling the Town Council how easily they were conned.

I have a letter from their Conservation Officer, who found out about the 'installation' after it was fitted, and he confirms that the whole thing - in his words - is 'Fraud'.

I understand that the Authorities are now on the case, and are investigating the claims made that it was English Heritage approved - clearly this claim was made to give the system credibility, and they bought it on that basis. 

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