Aquapol - more shocking stuff about the fraud

People actually believe in this stuff!!!!

This is all translated from German 'justice' blogs about the fraud that Aquapol has foisted on German people:


Abzockmasche with fantasies, which is not to get death: Aquapol Bautrocknung. How citizens are intimidated by (threatened) lawyers' letters (ZDF-WISO), 18.11.2013 / 04.01.2019

There it goes on:
Attention, the walls are still damp by the Aquapol antenna, because that has now been proved by esotericist Gabi Müller "scientifically" with an attempt: -aquapol-but-without-dangerous-high-frequency-radiation-and-without-harmful-gravomagnetic-energy-for-5-eur-09-03-2019

According to the article ( article / michelle-Mohorn-new managing director-at-Aquapol) it should even be several lawsuits. Michelle Mohorn is not new managing director of "Aquapol wasserpolarisationstechnische Geräte Gesellschaft mbH", because otherwise one would not have been able to dispose of the warranty claims in this way, but of the new company "Aquapol International GmbH".
The trickery continues:


The Scientologist Wilhelm Mohorn filed for bankruptcy on 14.12.2018 ( LG Wiener Neustadt (239), file reference 10 S 103 / 18b )
"... Years passed and nothing happened, although the company made a" money-back guarantee "if after three years the failure of the drying measure should be determined. And so it happened: the walls were damp, the community wanted their money back, but the company did not want to know about it. Landgericht Weiden and Higher Regional Court Nuremberg were the next stations. In the last instance, the company was ordered to pay 5740 euros plus interest (five percent above the base rate) to the municipality. The community could not be happy about it for long, because on December 14, 2018, the company filed for bankruptcy. "What will happen now is completely open," said Mayor Hermann Ach. "

ZDF Wiso 09.2007 and 18.11.2013
damp walls can ruin the landlord. Remedy drying systems. A full-bodied advertised product called Aquapol should do just that. But does that work? WISO determined!

A company promises to dry damp masonry with a pseudo-physical miracle device. The thing is to use unquestionable space energy. A kind of electromagnetic field would push existing moisture into the ground.

These sell these miracle devices still with their full-bodied advertising promise reports me the caller. For 5 years he has been waiting for his walls to dry.

Alone 5000 devices they want to have sold in Germany, just under 50,000 in total. ... Quotes from Aquapol and other similar companies seem like a bargain. Nevertheless, it was a good 11000 EUR at Mr. Reisinger, supposedly risk-free thanks to money back guarantee.
Within 4 years, the walls should dry. Aquapol use the uranium energy of the universe. But today its walls are still wet. Despite money back guarantee, he did not get his money back first. The reason: The company claims that the construction-related measures were carried out incorrectly.
The additional work, such as renewing the plaster, had to be done by Reisinger at his own expense.
Herbert Reisinger had then sued Aquapol. The appraiser stated that the miracle device had failed completely and proper wall-drying system worked independently of construction-accompanying measures.
Aquapol suddenly pays. Reisinger can withdraw the lawsuit. With court and appraisal costs Aquapol had to pay a good 40000 EUR to him.
Reisinger fought for his right for almost 6 years.

Other aquapolors also write that they are dissatisfied with the system. Here is another case from Kassel. The family had to set up a dehumidifier today, because the basement walls are so damp and that despite the use of Aquapol.

Aquapol registered by registered mail with the family. False statements should be cleared before discussing with third parties, and the Aquapol lawyer should receive the copy in writing.
... But there is another customer from Austria. He too allegedly made mistakes in the construction-accompanying measures. Aquapol even threatened him with legal action, so he prefers not to talk to Wiso anymore.

Fraunhofer Institute:
The evidence of Aquapol is pseudo-scientific explanations.
So theoretically it does not work and practically not. ...

Also Konsument, the Austrian test magazine got mail from the highly military lawyer:

Post by the lawyer
After this somewhat pathetic departure, however, heavy gun was put into position. The law firm of Aquapol, Gheneff-Rami-Sommer, sent us a sealed five-page letter (Huberta Gheneff-Fürst formerly had a joint office with ex-Justice Minister Dieter Böhmdorfer).
A week later, the next letter followed, which ultimately demanded a "written apology and cease and desist". Now we had no choice but to turn our lawyer.
Wall drainage and wall dehumidification, against waste and mildew, 14.02.200


Prof. Wieland, Institute of Geophysics: "These fields of which there is talk, are completely unknown in physics."

ZDF-WISO: A plastic housing with a few wires in it and that is to put damp walls dry.
Prof. Michael Müller, Hochschule Magdeburg-Stendal
"Material price maybe 20 EUR here these innards. And there is no scientist to the fact that something happens here what walls can dry. "

ZDF-WISO: But Aquapol refers to the TÜV. I call there and learn, the TÜV has just stated that the thing is no danger and not that it works.
There was even a lawsuit. The result: For the effect of the device, they no longer advertise with the TÜV.

ZDF-WISO: In addition, Aquapol boasts that the Austrian Patent and Inventor Association has awarded the inventor and founder Wilhelm Mohorn the Kaplan Medal. But the association criticized, to advertise with the medal, leading to a deception of the customers. The award Mohorn received solely for his basic research. Whether they knew that the inventor worked mainly with a divining rod.

ZDF-WISO: It is often of baugegleitenden measures and renovations the speech on behalf of customers.
Jürgen Weber Expert: "Aquapol proposes 2 measures among others. The removal of the plaster and the forced ventilation by means of fans. This is of course already a positive influence by the measures in the masonry possible. The device itself is not needed. "

ZDF-WISO: Aquapol advertises its success in accordance with the guidelines of the Austrian Standards Institute to check (drainage guarantee: ÖNORM B 3355-1 Chapter 5.3.2" guaranteed "). This sets the standards for serious measurements.
Corresponding measurements of the masonry are carried out according to Aquapol only randomly and if not completely according to the ÖNORM.
Wilhelm Mohorn: "We only accept part of the ÖNORM, as it says in the documents. We do not accept the other part because it would cost as much as draining it from a normal system. "
A customer has litigated. The decision of the highest court in Austria. The company Aquapol practically checks with their measurements whether they have to guarantee. The measuring methods were not suitable for this purpose. The customer was dated in error.

NDR Magic Boxes: Aquapol, Hydropol, Wigopol, Mikropol, BHS Schreiter and Kroll, System K2000, Dry Tronic, Hamatrol, Entec

The business of faith.
Today she is happy. 3 years ago saw Ursula hoe her cellar already doomed.
Moderate odor, efflorescence, it was moist. All damaged areas are in their view now in the best order and without Baudreck.
Ms. Hacke had a hydraulic device installed. This is said to have dried the walls with the help of radio waves.
Around 6000 EUR costs a magic box. Measurements and service inclusive, until the basement should be dry.

Volker Weber, Hydropol:
"It's wireless electro-osmosis"

We drive to Wismar. There, Prof. Venzmer explores whether it is possible to dry walls using electro-osmosis. With high currents and thick cables there is an effect.

Prof. Helmut Venzmer, University of Wismar:
"Science is not aware of wireless electro-osmosis."

A court report from the Federal Office for Materials Research came to a similar conclusion:
Citations that are based on the functional principle of Hydropol and readable literatures are completely missing.
There is no evidence in the literature that this method, in the described arrangement and performance, is capable of dehumidifying masonry.

That can not shake Hydropol, after all, they have sold more than 15,000 devices.

... But the basement remains wet. The lord of the castle has a plausible explanation: "The miracle did not happen. ... Maybe we just did not believe enough. "

Faith also plays a crucial role in AQUAPOL.
... A look inside makes laypersons and experts at a loss.

Prof. Helmut Venzmer, University of Wismar:
"I have no such procedure in the hands, where you can say here has something worked."

6000 DM has paid the elderly lady for the Hydropolgerät then. But what did the former telecom technician wonder?
"So I took the device off and brought it to a service that deals with radio, radio and radiation, etc. and asked them to measure the part and tell me if and what's coming out.
The result, hardly measurable. Peter Wagner complained.
Since the device hung here on the wall, nothing has changed from the humidity. What was wet remained wet too. Hydropol has done nothing to my complaint or has blocked first. "

Prof. Axel Rahn, building physicist:
" Who wants to admit that he once operated a bad investment. And sometimes the cellar looks really better afterwards. There it was full of litter and you cleaned the basement and the walls. So the satisfaction is given first but there you could have saved the few thousand EUR also for this device.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. M. Müller, FH Magdeburg, Faculty of Civil Engineering:
"While the experts unanimously deny the effectiveness of the devices, their operators point to widespread use in practice as well as references.
Measurements on the effectiveness of so-called magic boxes have already been made by the Vienna University of Technology (Test Certificate V 79654 of the Technical Experimental and Research Institute of the Vienna University of Technology dated 11.5.1993) and the ETH Zurich (FH Wittmann, On Ineffective Procedures Against Rising Moisture, International Journal for Bauinstandsetzen, Volume 1, Issue 4, 1995) performed. An efficacy could not be determined in any experiment, neither on the building nor under laboratory conditions. "

Feuchte Keller: How to cash in on crafts | Market | NDR

Aquapol: "... you can not really explain the gravity energy yet ..."

Expert Jörg Bastian: "I have never heard such a nonsense. ... They want to make a lot of money here and people are completely ripped off. "


Esoterics instead of physics: Does the water also believe in that?
E. Wielandt, Kirchheim unter Teck / Stuttgart

Lecture at the Hanseatic renovation days in Warnemünde, 3.-5. 11. 2005

... I have much less understanding for it when engineers fall into the paraphysical offside. They fable of objectively identifiable contexts, which in reality do not exist, and should actually be able to recognize that from their education. And yet it seems to me that among academics, besides physicians, engineers have the strongest inclination to esotericism. This has also been noticed by others [11,12]. The domain of the engineers in the para-sciences are by nature more technical disciplines such as resource search, energy production, information transmission and the business of electrosmog.

The company Aquapol of Mr. Mohorn was first brought to my attention by Professor Venzmer, but it fits into the picture. I can not explain in detail what is wrong with the physical explanation given for the Aquapol method. To be wrong, the explanation should have some meaning. I can not recognize that. What he writes about his method is not wrong, but nonsense.
"The device picks up a frequency-specific gravomagnetic ground energy in a funnel shape. In the device, this ground energy is converted to the right-handed stable (polarization effect) and released into the effective space. In addition, free space energy flows in from above and is converted into gravomagnetic energy. This increases the effective space "[13]. You can not tell a scientist that the device is humbug. I suppose Mr. Mohorn wants to subtly protect himself against the charge of fraud. ---------------

17.10.2017 RTL opinion makers finally report on fantasies, pseudo-scientists Mohorn uses it for deceptive advertising:

Of course, pure theories with energies that can not be measured and proven can not be refuted. The pure fantasy of a "microwave-like geoenergy" has so far only used the aquapol system. If you can not measure the "environmental energies", how does Aquapol know that it can eliminate rising wall moisture?
The hocus-pocus also supposedly worked with " gravomagnetic energy" . However, the energy was only available in the science fiction series <Mondbasis Alpha 1> from 1977. But that seems to have been noticed by now.
There is the Casimir effect, but it has other effects:
"The Casimir effect of quantum field theory is a quantum physical effect that causes two parallel conductive plates in the vacuum to have a force that compresses them both."

Rainer Bunge, Professor of Environmental Engineering at Rapperswil University of Applied Sciences:
The explanation for the operation of Aquapol read, "as if someone had driven with the random generator on a physics encyclopedia " .

The workings of the innovative Aquapol system are based on the theoretical assumption (working hypothesis 1992) that it uses an energy that fills the entire space, in quantum physics "zero - point energy" * (known from the Casimir effect) and additionally a certain one microwave-like geoenergy. With these with the technical means available to us today not directly technically measurable environmental energies can be eliminated the rising wall moisture in old buildings.

There is no "functioning" and no " working hypothesis", because there is no function and there is no work done what has not been proven until today after 30 years:

Apart from the slogans alleged by the defendant company, there is no evidence that the statements could actually be correct.
In the process, the distributor of the "magic box" himself admitted that "at the present time, the proof according to the rules of recognized physics is not feasible".
Furthermore, the defendant must admit that the effect of the advertised devices is not yet possible by expert opinion at the present time. At present it can not be proved that any drying of walls and buildings is actually due to the use of the advertised devices.
As the moisture content of buildings improves, such results can not be attributed to these devices as substantiated scientific knowledge.
LG Munich 1, 4HK 0 21180/07

Theoretically his Blödelantenne does not work and practically not.
So there is only a fictional phantasmal hypothesis. Instead of describing them with gravomagnetic energy from the science fiction series Moon Base Alpha, he could have called his ghost-weaving apparatus similar to that of  Chester S. Geier in his 1948 novel "The Flight of the Starling" as a "warp generator". That would be an unthinkable hypothesis but another.

Where are his hypothetical fantasies ?:
The perturbation zones in which earth rays are created are not in the earth, but in the head.

"RTL opinion makers team tested the Aquapol method"

Nothing was tested, but the dowsing pseudoscientist Mohorn has reported on his hocus-pocus.

The RTL-M einungsmacher team tested the AQUAPOL method for permanent wall drainage in practice with a long-term customer from Vienna with 20 years of experience and awarded AQUAPOL with the seal of quality."

"With 20 years of experience" .
The man in the video said 3 years.

Even the award with a seal of quality never existed.

Meanwhile, the RTL-opinion makers editorial has reported:
Dear Mr. Justice friend,
Thank you for pointing. These labels were not clarified with us directly. We will immediately forward this to the responsible body and let it go. Sincerely, The opinion makers - editors

Unfair advertising also with the Kaplan Medal (see "Kaplan Medal for Imagination" and below about 20 successful cease and desist procedures for unfair advertising and consumer misrepresentation.). Irrespective of this, he is constantly deceiving in his lectures and on his websites.

Correction of the DHBV to pseudo-scientist Mohorn lies that the carried out by the member companies of the DHBV injection method for subsequent horizontal waterproofing of masonry would only have an effectiveness of 20% to 40%.



Ether winds are supposed to dry walls as perfect humbug and brainwave of the dowsing pseudoscientist Mohorn.
All you need are luster-like metal structures of about 30 to 50 centimeters in diameter, which are hung in the affected building. "The gravomagnetic field of the earth is received by the devices, modulated and re-radiated so that the water in the walls is pushed back into the ground," said Aquapol sales manager Dieter Proksch the effect. Since, at least in the opinion of the inventor and company founder Wilhelm Morhon, the gravomagnetic field as a kind of ether is everywhere, the Aquapol devices need no power connection and no other energy supply.
... The verdict of Werner Gruber turns out to be correspondingly tough. The physicist at the University of Vienna and "Science Buster" described the basis of the Aquapol method as "perfect humbug" - the described fields simply would not exist.
... Therefore, the situation is always checked in advance and installed only one of the approximately 4000-9000Euro expensive Aqapol devices, where the system promises success. 
However, flanking measures such as adequate ventilation and heating are always necessary. "But that applies to every method of wall drainage," stresses Proksch.
Exactly those "flanking measures" are what provide a scientific explanation for successes of the Aquapol method. According to Oberhummer, improvements to the condition - if measurable - can be attributed solely to the change in the occupancy behavior of the inhabitants. Nachsatz: "Dryness is always subjective."

How the pseudo-scientific Dowsing Hokuspokus works is also wonderful on an example on the Aquapolseite show:

The 500-year-old farm was used only as a warehouse, was uninhabited and a ruin, said Ing. Rudi M. Rattenberger as an entrepreneur (Managing Director of HSH-Nahwärme GmbH ). Now it is heated again and inhabited and the moisture has disappeared.
You can also see that it has brand new gutters and downpipes.
485 years before, one probably lived in the building in moldy mold and therefore did not demolish the building for 485 years. At least the beginning smelled like the Rudi Rattenberger says when the building was still uninhabited.
In the basement, the water ran in a small gutter and you have a wall pulled in and the water is now drained. I think that has nothing to do with the aquapole antenna, but gives us a nice feeling of drying in connection with the dowsing antenna.
Have we examined the building for water veins?
The Mohorn now also offers the possibility of water veins, which could make the building uninhabitable. Especially when such a small stream runs through the house, then this could be a water vein.
Of course, that's not going to be the case now, because Aquapol was active and therefore there will be excellent measured values ​​that can not be measured, as the Mohorn says. But he will confirm it with measurements that he can even use to make calculations (the divining rod, the function of which has long been demonstrated (since 1946) as a humbug, uses according to Mohorn the same phantasmal rays as its aquapole antenna.).
I would hang the dowsing fun antenna in a tree behind the house. Then you can pick dry firewood right from the tree and the house changes nothing except when visit comes, because then you are not the dumplings, which has such a stupid antenna for thousands of EUR has turn.
Mr Rattenberger's company also sells solar thermal systems that are destined to pay off someday. Well, if it brings money.
Maybe he still believes in the thermal solar plant hocus-pocus, but still has scientific bases:

According to the solar industry and the magazine Öko-Test uvam. saves up to 60% heating costs by installing a solar thermal system. By installing a gas fired condensing boiler you save up to 19.03.2008 up to 40% of the heating costs.
By installing both equipment, you could save up to 100% of your heating costs. Since 2009, this is no longer possible and you save with both devices together only up to 40%.
40% heating energy saved thanks to natural gas heating with condensing technology
40% heating energy saved thanks to natural gas heating with condensing technology and solar technology (solar thermal system)
The 60% saving is now included as a small proportion in the 40%.
But you do not have to worry about anyone noticing, because that's state-controlled. Therefore, one leads over the solar critic a secret file in the country and he had to flee to foreign countries, because he wanted to psychiatrize him.

Our arbitrary justice is the state in this. also a good helper and helps in the Verarschung of the citizens by lobbyists with in addition, most of the media (see also facade insulation: ).
So that nobody notices with the mikrigen efficiency of solar thermal systems now coupled simply the installation of a solar thermal system with the replacement of a new heating with condensing technology and can really generate a heating energy savings and the customer does not notice, because he does not know where the savings comes.
And now we remember the dowsing pseudo-researcher Mohorn again. In principle, it combines the installation of a dangling antenna with construction-related measures such as occupancy + heating, ventilation, remove plaster, etc., so that ultimately no one can judge the non-existent efficiency of the antenna, but can only believe or feel.
In a video pseudoscientist Mohorn explains the earth's energy, which can easily push water upwards with a force of 400 kg per cubic meter of masonry, because up to 400kg of water in the masonry are included.
Madness: This is such a force, because you need a forklift.
Its Blödelantenne acts on 500qm and this means that this per cubic meter of masonry and soil must produce up to 400kg of countermass with which the water is pressed down (called by him "magnetokinesis".) In esoteric circles magnetokinesis is long out, because magnetic Can measure forces). Supposedly, this affects deep into the ground (This can also be found in the Dipl. Work in which his antenna in a repeatable laboratory experiment showed no effect) and loose 3m in the masonry. If we start from 3m, then the antenna produces a pressure mass of up to 600t.
And the little structural engineer knows that his antenna at a pressure of 6 megawatts (about the lifting capacity of 250 forklifts or a Delta IV Heavy rocket) shoots through the ceiling. If that is not the case, then there is something wrong with his theoretical hypothetical fantasies and the powers he explains for which one needs a forklift truck.
Are there any cracks on the ceiling?
And even if these forces were generated and it was only 50kg, then two men would have to hold the antenna so that it does not hit the ceiling during installation.
The whole thing he brings back in connection with his patent in which he can only amplify or turn around unimaginable energies from the science fiction series Moon Base Alpha 1 of 1977, fictitious energies. Otherwise, he would not have received the patent, because otherwise it would violate the law of conservation of energy and that can not invented energy beams, which are not measurable. But in Germany he probably would not have received a patent anyway.


In his fairy tales, he therefore mixes measurable physical conditions with his earth-jarpocus on which one can measure nothing at all. If he had described in his patent that his antenna can only generate the force of earth's rays of measurable 1 gram or operate a light-emitting diode with it, then it would have violated the second law of thermodynamics and should not have been granted. Even if he had stated in his patent that he could amplify the warp drive from the science fiction series "Spaceship Enterprise", then he would have already had problems, since these are based on actual speculative concepts: / wiki / warp drive
His fantasies would be scientifically refutable and verifiable. So he has to use completely fictitious energies so that his fantasies can not be scientifically refuted or verified.
To deceive consumers, he acts as if he had obtained a patent for his antenna, which can generate measurable physical forces for which a forklift is needed.

Prof. Ulrich Berger:
 Derived from this title from the title of Robert Park's book "Voodoo Science - The road from foolishness to fraud" [German title: Fauler magic. Fraud and error in the sciences]. So this is a technique based on pseudoscience and has no specific effect. Mostly it violates the second law of thermodynamics. As with voodoo, the alleged function is based on a "magic long-range effect", be it through mysterious "vibrations", as in Grander water, through unknown "space energy", as with the Aquapol device, or through a mysterious "resonance", as in the case of Gabriel. Chip.

In this case, the fraud is based, for example, on a "secret process" with which the stainless steel pencil worth 1-2 euros, which is also sold for over 1000 EUR, was changed in the "molecular range".
It does not work under laboratory conditions!
In fact, it does not work under laboratory conditions or otherwise, and nothing has been changed in the molecular range or otherwise!

As explained below on this page, the Aquapol system should only work when the wall moisture is rising: Welcome to the website of Aquapol Germany, the alternative and innovative wall dehumidification system against rising (capillary) soil moisture, which has been used more than 50,000 times worldwide since 1985.

Basically, there is no rising wall moisture, as the joints work as a capillary-breaking layer.
The accompanying measures such as sufficient ventilation, heating or removing the plaster, which actually provide for drying, of course, the client must also perform all additional and pay.

Scharlatanerie, deception and fraud ( ) by the Preudos scientist

It is actually lied allegedly that the Blödelantenne could change the voltage potential within a 1 hour something.
The Blödelantenne changes absolutely nothing at the voltage potential.

Pseudoscientist Mohorn:
"The so-called wall potential is measurably changed very quickly by the installation of the Aquapol system."

On the page below is the link to the video:

It appears that three independent experts have determined that the voltage potential in the masonry is demonstrably changing.
That is not so. In the film, there is only one person with the label "Aquapol", which takes appropriate measurements.
The confirmation of the three independent experts is of course sought in vain.


Pseudoscientist Mohorn is not one of the scammers whose devices have a plug for the socket, because it gives the appearance that they drain the wall with electricity, but he works with undetectable rays and that is something completely different.

Press release of the company Aquapol:


The press release from Aquapol is of course once again lied as you can read in the magazine "Der Standard":


One would have had to do the Aquapolgerät so only part of the reporting, then everything would have been fine, because ultimately all the devices mentioned are frauds.


Kaplan medal for illusions:

The following is also misrepresented by analogy. The Kaplan medal did not exist for the practical success of the dehumidification technology, but only for the basic research that he allegedly made.
Basic research is a "working hypothesis" in which it fancifully fiddles about any non-measurable radiation. So stupid stuff.

The truth was not asked.

"Parasitic sciences are a complex social phenomenon that can only be understood if one asks not for the truth but for the social function."

The inventor / explorer of this technology was awarded the Kaplan medal for the working hypothesis and practical success in 1995, which is awarded to successful researchers / inventors.

For the practical success he could not be awarded, because he can not scientifically prove the practical success of his earth-radiation hypothesis on water in the masonry.

Rainer Bunge, Professor of Environmental Engineering at Rapperswil University of Applied Sciences: "From a scientific point of view, it is clear that Aquapol neither works nor can theoretically function at all. So theoretically it does not work and practically not ".

Testing the device again scientifically would not be a problem, it only has to send one thing (in a laboratory test in a diploma thesis it has been scientifically tested and it had no effect):

Federal Minister of Science and Transport on 11.12.1998:
"Due to the written documents of AQUAPOL and Ing. Mohorn available to my department, the Ludwig Boltzmann Research Center for Biosensorics, Steyrergasse 17, A - 8010 Graz, issued a report created. It was ascertained by the examined body that in these writings any proof of the function of the AQUAPOL equipment, ie an examination protocol or something similar, which confirms the statements of the author, is missing.
This research center would be prepared to carry out further measurements, but would require an AQUAPOL device with documentation for the construction of the device. These documents are not available to the Federal Ministry of Science and Transport. "

The same was also stated in the omission proceedings listed below for more than 20 years. He was in the 20 procedures that spread over 5 years even 10 years later show nothing that confirms his statements.

Unfair advertising and consumer disappointment with the Kaplan medal:

Federal Minister for Science and Transport on 11.12.1998:
"... Also, note that this award Wilhelm Mohorn for Mr. Ing.  Grundl recite research  was presented on the use of free forms of energy for the development of equipment for drying walls. For the devices themselves, the medal was not awarded. The Austrian Patent and Inventor Association, by order of my department, has already informed Ing. Wilhelm Mohorn of this fact by letter dated 2 July 1998.
This letter literally states "Therefore, we request that you confirm in writing that in the future you will not mention the Kaplan Medal Awards when advertising your equipment or, truthfully, just mention that the Kaplan Medal is yours was awarded exclusively  for  basic research  ".

He describes himself as the inventor and explorer of this technology. However, the terrestrial radiosoterics existed as early as 1946. In 1946 this has been proven to be "nonsense" and thereafter continually recurring as "nonsense". It just did not know how the "nonsense" arises.
Even his patent can be seen that the earth's rays have already been extensively "explored". He does not have his own research and only talks and always leads other researchers.
The whole thing will of course also, as befits a good consumer whiz with esotericism also mixed with actually existing physical terms.
The terrestrial radiation has been extensively researched and proven. This arises as a figment of the brain in the human brain. Real earth rays do not exist. The GWUP has been investigating this phenomenon for many years and again and again with the same result. Up to now it has always been reproducible in scientific double-blind experiments: the earth's rays originate in the human brain, which can feel it as a fantasy with self-deception.

The pseudoscientist upgrades with new hocus-pocus.
New pseudoscientific illusions: The biofield generator

Pseudoscientist Mohorn:
The radiesthesia (= radiation sensitivity) is scientifically controversial and in terms of physical education inexplicable. Therefore, there can be no gauges, because one does not officially know what the earth's rays really are.

By saying this, he evokes the impression that there is a highly scientific dissent. the question in science. But that is not so, because there is a consensus, namely that the rays do not exist and therefore nothing is controversial, for example:

Physicist Werner Gruber:
... That's the verdict of Werner Gruber. The physicist at the University of Vienna and "Science Buster" described the basis of the Aquapol method as "perfect humbug" - the described fields simply would not exist.

So you know that they do not exist and that they are fantasies. This has already been proven extensively:

The disturbance zones in which earth rays are created are not in the earth, but in the head:
"It has long been known that every dowser finds the fault zones elsewhere. If you send enough dowsers one after the other in the same way, there is no undisturbed place left at all. ... In fact, everyone responds to the momentary impulses of his imagination. "

Reference is made to a Prof. Lotz, who has allegedly confirmed the effect:

Reduction of ground radioactivity (neutrons & gamma radiation) ²
2) Research journal Prof KE Lotz / 2002 - 2005 

Prof. Lotz has not researched anything at all, but he simply believes the hocus-pocus of the pseudoscientist:
"1) GRAVOMAGNETISM = a combination of gravitational waves and magnetic field waves of the Earth that was discovered and explored by Mr. Ing. MOHORN, previously unknown in science

Prof. Lotz and Prof. Gruber are themselves on the board of the pseudo-scientist Mohorn founded association of the "Austrian Association for space energy" faithful:

The whole alleged research reports are also dubious humbug, if one wanted to prove the statements with it, because it is not a double blind attempt and not even a double attempt, namely whether, for example. the ph value of the water changes just as well if there is no aquapolocus sphincter.
If you look at GWUP research with double-blind experiments, you will find that everything changes abruptly to 100% in the moment before, and the whole hocus-pocus no longer works, which worked well before.
But since it is compulsory to prove what one desires, one does not even make a double or double blind attempt.

What the doctors tell in the video is also nonsense. eg. that one has proved the existence of the earth's rays and can heal Krebes accordingly. How, if you can not measure the rays?
But pseudo-scientist Mohorn can still measure the radiation, he has completely forgotten: "... a cost-based measurement / evaluation of the sleeping space after  geological interference and e-smog (50 Hz) by our technician"

Pseudoscientist Mohorn:
"There can not be any gauges because you do not officially know what the jets really are."

A deviation in the "muting" (or guessing) of 12km from where the bullion was buried was no longer a match, PSI Test GWUP 2016: ? v = fws15mDOrP0
Of course, the gold bar could always be "assumed" at 10m if it knew where the bullion was buried.

On the website of pseudo-scientist Mohorn: esoteric dr. med. univ. Herwig Rotter, of course, without scientific proof:
"The influence of terrestrial radiation from certain locations of biological systems has now been clearly scientifically proven with many many studies by different people around the world ."

Of course, this has been proven pseudo-scientific. Only not scientifically in double-blind studies, because then everything always stops.

"As long as MS knows where the object is and which cable is plugged in, everything works perfectly. He is satisfied. The main test can begin.
Then MS has to find the item. Actually quite simple, because the pendulum suggests according to his theory by the earth's radiation. The self-made object (homemade as an Aquapol or biofield antenna, etc.) but absorbs these rays. Where his pendulum is no longer turning, he has to lie. Provided there are these legendary, never before proven by science, earth rays. "

And by the way, it does not matter what is in the devices, because what helps against that each has his own out of his imagination.

How to keep Earth's rays away from patients:
In Norway, a study was published in 2005 with 80 patients (67 women and 13 men) complaining of chronic musculoskeletal complaints. The study was conducted as a randomized double-blind study. Half of the patients were given a device that, according to the manufacturer, is intended to keep the Earth's radiation from the patients responsible for the disease. The other patient group got a placebo device. The study went on for six months. The patients were questioned by means of a subjective health complaints (SHC) questionnaire. Allergies, pseudo-neurological and gastrointestinal diseases were recorded. A significant decrease in subjective health complaints occurred after about six weeks (28-45%, P <0, 05-.001). However, there was no significant difference between the placebo group and "real" devices.

He has proved it according to the pseudoscience (no double and no double-blind study) just as well and it is not due to earth rays:

The physicist and internist dr. Hamer and Germanic medicine prove:  cancer has been curable for 25 years  (note is not proven!)
"Meanwhile, the findings of the physicist and internist Dr. med. Hamer so far that even diseases such as multiple sclerosis, ALS, Parkinson's, asthma, allergies, epilepsy, rheumatism, schizophrenia, depression, eye diseases, diabetes, atopic dermatitis, etc., are curable and without great financial expense. "

Of course there is even more competition:

Much more than a placebo: homeopathy pushes the cancer back (note I have not yet checked): -the-cancer-back

How does a biofield antenna, aquapole antenna, sawdust, esoteric counseling, treated water, moonshine, or discussing cancer, such as a wart:

Spontaneous cure in cancer. Is there an unexpected recovery?
... Again and again, however, there are reports in the media about cancer patients who, against all expectations, got well again. On closer inspection, many of these statements turn out to be wrong or incomplete. But some spontaneous cures are medically proven. The phenomenon of "unexpected recovery" is therefore an important topic of cancer research. Today we know that in a few cancers, tumor regression without treatment is not so rare. And one understands the underlying mechanisms better and better: Obviously, the immune system sometimes manages to detect tumors.
However, cancer patients should not rely on it: purely statistically, healing without treatment is far too rare. The following text of the Cancer Information Service explains the background.

All cases in which it does not work are ignored and the one rare case in which it worked is of course the one with which you have "treated" the patient. And that is then the proof that exactly the treatment against eg. Warts or cancer helps.
All other parameters are completely ignored. Assuming that one patient is cured by looking at sawdust or a "biofield antenna" and the other one does not get sawdust or a biofield antenna to look at. But then, for the pseudoscientists, that's proof that looking at sawdust or a biofield antenna helps fight cancer.
One has also drunk lemonade and the other coke or both have received different medications or or ...
Also, all the different other parameters may have helped against the cancer or have caused death. This is ignored.

This is like the divining rod:
... In fact, everyone reacts to the momentary impulses of his imagination. "
It helps just what should have just helped as an impulse of the imagination.

The Austrian Patent Office has now granted a patent based on fantasies. The physicist considers the psychiatrist more responsible here than the scientist :

The makers of the science fiction series <Moon Base Alpha 1> from 1977 invented the "gravomagnetic energy" .
This seems to be happening on Earth as well:
"While Alpha's preparations for the interstellar long-range expedition are in full swing, there is a weird disease among the crew that is destroying the brain and cause the victims to go mad. "

Aquapol science fiction in the cellar, observers:
"The gravomagnetic energy has never been demonstrated in a scientific experiment," writes physicist Kolja Prothmann of the Max Planck Institute: "The only reference I know refers to the science fiction series <Moon Base Alpha 1> from 1977. "

It was due to this Erdkraftfeldes ever registered an esoteric patent in Germany, which of course has never been granted:  vortex egg for bioenergetic harmonization and energizing the environment
So you should just try again in Austria. That should not be a problem with issuing.

But there is also a European patent from the pseudo-scientist Mohorn EP 0 688 383 B1 "Apparatus for transporting moisture or salts"
Comment Prof. Dr. med. E. Wielandt, Kirchheim uT:
"... As a second step, I propose that the inventor of the inexhaustible electromagnetic energy that is effective in his Aquapol device, a little branching and thus operates a light-emitting diode or a small light bulb.
That would then clearly prove to us that the device converts gravomagnetic energy or space energy into electrical energy, and all doubts are resolved.
The inventor could not only sell his machine to tens of thousands but millions of customers all over the world who have no electricity and would like to have a little light at night. The Nobel Prize for Physics would also be certain to Mr. Mohorn. There is only one small lamp left, which is constantly lit. The installation should not be a problem for "one of the greatest inventors of Austria". "

Dr. rer. nat. Klaus Keck:
The postulated by Mohorn gravomagnetic waves are not There is the
claim that the device uses the natural earth field as an energy supplier is wrong
The space energy, which is supposed to enhance the effect of the device, there is also not
Mohorn's claim that the device is on the Gravomagnetic hydrogen frequency tuned, is untrue.
The Aquapolgerät has no influence on the wall moisture.

Why is the psychiatrist necessary?
Pseudoscientist Mohorn has even done calculations with immeasurable radiations, waves, fields or energies (he does not know it himself)!

What can you say to people about nonsense?

The first purely esoteric patent I know and what has actually been granted.
That's absurd. But everything is possible in Austria. The rip-off can continue to be cheered happy.
The device can allegedly prevent rising damp in masonry. For this you simply hang 2 of the described plastic plates with the printed conductors described under the ceiling. That's all.

In Austria, not only was a Kaplan medal awarded for the schizophrenic hocus-pocus, but also a patent based on pure fantasies granted: -b1bb-ea5666d8cafc
"device for amplification or reversal of a geo-gravomagnetic field"

The "geo-gravomagnetischen fields" has never someone measured because they exist only in the imagination.

Also, the following grids that dowsers have dealt with have never been proven or measured by anyone:

Pseudoscientist Wilhelm Mohorn:
"The most well-known of these so-called grids are, according to our research of gravomagnetic nature, even if their origin is still largely unexplored. They are called the Hartmann grid - or global grid, the curry grid - or diagonal grid, and the Benkergitter. Depending on the type of grid, but also depending on the conditions at the site and the geographical area, the grid lines or mesh widths between 10 and 100 cm wide (Hartmann grid - 10 to 30 cm, Curry grid - 20 to 80 cm, Benkergitter 60 to 100 cm ).
At the crossing points of the grid lines of a grid or different grids whose effect is particularly high. "

The origin of the "radiation" is completely unexplored, because nobody could measure it. Now it would be interesting to know which "researches" have been done that way?
These contents of the patent are basically fraud, because there were no "researches" operated in this regard and certainly not with a scientific basis, because the fantasies are not measurable.

Miracle healer test:
The fault zones in which earth rays are created are not in the earth, but in the head.
Whoa, who has trouble spots in your head? Is it not possible to clearly detect earth radiation with magnetometers? Have not they been found in the same places by generations of dowsers? Have not numerous experiments carried out under supervision confirmed the existence of terrestrial rays and their pathogenic effects? Is not it true that dowsers find water veins where all scientific methods fail? Will not the earth rays be hushed up by the scientists only because they are finished with their wisdom?
None of this is true. Noise zones, earth rays or grid lines specified by dowsers have never been detected with measuring instruments. They are fantasies. Only someone who has never worked with them can say that the measuring devices are not sensitive enough. Geophysical gauges show many things that no dowser sees, but they do not react to the alleged fault zones. It has long been known that every dowser finds the fault zones elsewhere. If you send enough dowsers in succession in the same way, there will be no undisturbed place left at all [Gassmann 1946]. The dowsers explain this by saying that they respond to different radiations. In fact, everyone responds to the momentary impulses of his imagination.
Terrestrial radiation instead of physics: Does the water also believe in it?

Miracle Healer Test: Failed (Spiegel TV Magazine 06.09.09 / RTL) 2) RTL II, World of Wonders & GWUP: Dowsing rods in the test, Part 1/2
3) The Psi tests of GWUP (Dr. Martin Mahner - Skepkon 2016):
4) Grandma and the Dowsers - The Granny Trick - Part 1, zdf-info:
Dr. med. Alfons Baier: "Since there are no water veins, they can not affect sleep either." 
5) SWR RP is concerned, all lazy spell !? - The Paranormal On Trial, 1/6

Pseudoscientist Wilhelm Mohorn:
"It has been found that the humidifying and dehumidifying effect of the device can be further increased by this  geometry."

Which non-existent (laboratory) experiments have you noticed?
For 30 years, the function has not yet been proven with any comprehensible scientific experiment.
There was a diploma thesis with a laboratory test but nothing came of it. Whether with plastic panels under the ceiling or without both the "effect" was the same.
You can also hang a chandelier under the ceiling with light or without light. The effect will remain the same.
This content of the patent is basically also fraud, because there was no "research" in this regard operated on which something has "exposed".

Also in the present case was not asked for the truth content of his statements.

So that dowsing-believers and hocus-pocus believers do not have to spend 4000-9000 EUR for a dangling box, anyone can copy the patent in their own right at home and also like to be fooled themselves. This is possible for less than 5 EUR.
Instead of bending an electrical conductor as described by him, you can also sprinkle wheat flour type 405 on the two plates, because that has the same esoteric effect.

For scientific purposes, it is of course allowed to recreate the patent. Anyone can also copy it privately (in Austria is understood as "operationally" the same as in Germany under "commercial"): § 22 PatG Austria Effect of the patent (1) The patent entitles the patentee to exclude others, the subject of the invention operationally

manufacture, place on the market, hold or use or for the purposes mentioned above. The effect of the patent does not extend to studies and experiments and the resulting practical requirements, as far as they are necessary for the obtaining of a drug license, marketing authorization or registration for placing on the market.

§ 11 PatG Germany
The effect of the patent does not extend to
1. acts that are carried out in the private sector for non-commercial purposes;    
2. acts for experimental purposes relating to the subject matter of the patented invention;

And all just consumer disappointment:

It gives the impression that in the Blödel antenna the copper (colored) apparatus would be included.

In reality, the Blödel antenna simply contains only 2 boards with the circular tracks, which can be replicated relatively easily.

Caution fraud! - Aquapol, Lots of money for Scientology

Aquapol owner Wilhelm Mohorn mentions on his website "proudly" his membership "in the federal senate of the honorable senate of the economy in Austria".

Who inquires there, learns astonishingly: The senate had to distance itself due to the in the meantime learned activities for Scientologists of Mr. Mohorn and thus also of its enterprise.

Mohorn is listed as "Patron Meritorious" in the 2006 Scientology publication Impact.

This title is awarded to anyone who has donated at least $ 100,000. Of course, Mohorn does not want to comment on that.

Incidentally, in Switzerland Aquapol was distributed by the company Delphin Bürkli & Partner - old acquaintances in the Scientology scene: Already in 1995 the owner of the sect was reported.


Successful injunction proceedings against pseudoscientist Wilhelm Mohorn  and unsuccessful cease and desist proceedings against Pseudo-scientist Mohorn has not been able to prove the effectiveness of hocus-pocus in more than 20 trials in over 5 years, although the hocus-pocus has been sold for more than 20 years. The courts finally asked for the truthfulness of his statements.

Aquapol: l

Unsuccessful cease and desist procedure of Aquapol against OGH Austria 17 Ob 2 / 09g

Successful injunction proceedings against the company Aquapol due to unfair advertising:
District Court Munich I, 23.10.2008 ; OLG Munich?
LG Dessau-Rosslau 3O74 / 08, 19.11.2008
district court Bayreuth 13 KH O 33/09, 15.05.2009
district court Frankfurt (Oder), 05.06.2009; OLG Brandenburg 11 O 48/09, 23.02.2010
Regional Court Darmstadt 16 O 396/09, 07.07.2009
LG Kleve; OLG Düsseldorf I-20 U 20/09, 07.07.2009
LG Ansbach 5 HK O 1/09
LG Lüneburg 7 O 23/09, 26.03.2009
OLG Naumburg 10 U 56/08, 29.05.2009
District Court Bamberg; OLG Bamberg 3 U 126/09, 29.10.2009
LG Aschaffenburg 1 HK O 64/09, 20.05.2010
District Court Cottbus 11O48 / 09 23.02.2010
LG Augsburg 1 HK O 5008/09, 25.02.2010
LG Traunstein 1 HK O 1375/09, 21.04.2010
LG Dresden 44 HK O 224/08, 10.12.2010
District Court Frankfurt am Main 6U195 / 10, 26.09.2013 ; Higher Regional Court Frankfurt 6 U 195/10 26.09.2013
LG Hannover; OLG Celle 13 U 119/13, 19.12.2013

Aquapol ruling of the district court Munich I from 23.10.2008
In the judgment which the association social competition against the company Aquapol obtained, the district court in its decision reasons as follows:
With the prohibited advertising statements the company Aquapol offends against the regulations of the law against unfair ones Competition.
The alleged effects of the colloquial so-called "magic box" can not be scientifically proven or confirmed.
Such evidence would not even result from the distributor's own claims.
Apart from the slogans alleged by the defendant company, there is no evidence that the statements could actually be correct.
In the process, the distributor of the "magic box" himself admitted that "at the present time, the proof according to the rules of recognized physics is not feasible".
Furthermore, the defendant must admit that the effect of the advertised devices is not yet possible by expert opinion at the present time. At present it can not be proved that any drying of walls and buildings is actually due to the use of the advertised devices.
As the moisture content of buildings improves, such results can not be attributed to these devices as substantiated scientific knowledge.
LG Munich 1, 4HK 0 21180/07

Cease and desist procedure for other magic boxes:

Higher Regional Court Düsseldorf, 7.07.2009

Regional Court Munich II, 02.01.2009

Berlin Regional Court, 16.01.2009
Landgericht Ansbach, 23.01.2009
Regional Court Braunschweig 14.01.2009

district court Dessau-Roßlau 19.11.2008
district court Munich II, 02.01.2009

Higher Regional Court Naunburg, 29.05.2009

district court Munich I, 04.08.2008

NET (Naturenergietechnik)
Regional Court Dresden, 23.01.2009

For a change, it is sometimes "magnetokinesis" instead of "geo-gravomagnetic fields" or "microwave-like geoenergy":

wall wet

Masonry drying with magnetokinesis : consumer deception ! Wilhelm Mohorn wants to kidnap the OLG Frankfurt, 28.01.2014: In masonry, there is usually no rising damp, because the joints are grossbporiger and therefore work as capillary breaking layer:

Moist walls - Aquapol promises remedy, RA Bohle Blog
It is in the "device" to a plastic ball (material value about 30 euros), in which two boards without any connections are - the rest of the content is in air. Connections, power supply or anything tangible You are looking for technical equipment in vain - mind you, at a retail price of several thousand euros!
Naturally, in various proceedings, I also "clashed" with Aquapol and their representatives, and I always offer:
"We put their office / house under water, moisten all the walls and then use Aquapol's device for drying."
You will probably already guessed that nobody wants to get involved in such a thing. Presumably, they are not as gullible and desperate as some homeowners.
A resignation from the contract is legally possible if the thing lacks an agreed condition, with each court, which controls the laws of physics upper school, then come without expert opinion to the conclusion that the devices just can not work: Where should to stay the water? How can a board work without a power supply?
This knowledge of physics had last not a magistrate and actually obtained an opinion on the operation of the "device". The expert's report was conclusively damaging to Aquapol:
"There is no scientific proof that the device works."
Then then the district court has determined that the device the agreed condition (possibility of dehumidification) is missing, so that Aquapol has been sentenced there to repay! Conclusion: Do not be fooled. ...

Aquapol wonder ball opened! 27.11.2009
For years I am amazed at the apparent sales success of the magic balls of Aquapol and Wigopol, and how the other providers of "electrodeless reverse osmosis" may be called. How I was pleased that finally court judgments were issued against these companies, advertising ala "suitable for the dehumidification" may no longer be made. Even better the video of the "Wiso-detective" !!!! (Thanks for that!)
And even greater my happiness when I was called today in a earth-moist cellar to a mold attack. And the lady after a few-thousand-euro investment has also noted the inefficiency of the Aquapol ball. She gave me the ball without further ado. I will open these and inform about the content.

Technical Office for Electrical Engineering, Dipl. Ing. Günther Stoiser, Expertise, WIGOPOL® ME / EL 80
Preparation of a report on the effectiveness of the product WIGOPOL® ME / EL 80 Ser. No .: 7213 / W for draining damp walls.
5.4 Safety-
related deficiencies When assessing the device, two of my own technical defects were noticed: Fuse: The input fuse is far too large. The protection required by the manufacturer of the transformer for the secondary side with 2 x 0.25AT is not available!
The wiring to the antenna can be released in the event of a fault and travel to the primary side (230V), which raises touchable conductive parts on the secondary side to a dangerous voltage potential!
6 Summary of the results Based on the task Preparation of a report on the effectiveness of the product WIGOPOL® ME / EL 80 Ser. In summary, the
cited scientific study by G. Scherpke, U. Schneider [2] clearly states that the electro-osmotic methods for masonry drying pose at best minor and hardly noticeable effects in practice show the environment of the maximum capillary rise height!
Considering that these results were obtained with electric field strengths in the range 100 - 200V / m and the product WIGOPOL® ME / EL 80 only reaches field strengths in the range << 1V / m at best, it is in my view possible that the product WIGOPOL ® ME / EL 80 is able to achieve continuous, efficient moisture reduction in masonry.

Aquapol science fiction in the cellar, observers:
"The gravomagnetic energy has never been demonstrated in a scientific experiment," writes physicist Kolja Prothmann of the Max Planck Institute: "The only reference I know refers to the science fiction series <Moon Base Alpha 1> from 1977. "

Scientific opinion on the claimed mode of action of the Aquapol device, PD Dr. med. rer. nat. Klaus Keck
Mohorn's claims are esoteric - they have no real background. But Mohorn claims that his energies, powers, or whatever, have an impact on the real world matter. At these interfaces between the esoteric and the real world, Mohorn's claims must be verifiable. For example, as soon as the unspecified gravomagnetsichen waves cause a change in the wire coils of the Aquapol device, one would have to be able to measure electrical currents in these coils.
Out of Mohorn's many nonsensical claims, here are just a few examples that pertain to these interfaces: ...
Should Mr Mohorn feel that my opinion does not do justice to the Aquapol device, I urge him to publish his alleged measurements in a form that will make it possible to verify his allegations.
Quote from a reader in the "Der Standard" (Vienna)   >>
The "scholarlyness" of the charlatans is to borrow concepts from the respective genuine natural sciences, to transform them and then use these adulterated terms to explain to the adepts that they understand everything better than the spooky alien scholars.

Aquapol in the Audimax? Students discover the "Free Energy"
This leads us to the question of the actual purpose of the event planned in the Audimax. The presumably exists in the marketing for the
products of the company Aquapol , whose managing director Wilhelm Mohorn is chairman of the ÖVR and speaker of the event. In addition, Mohorn is also a self- confessed Scientologist and active recruiter and sponsor of Scientology , but this did not prevent an ex-Minister of Science and ex-Vice Chancellor to hand him any document : ...
The Aquapol devices are to serve the electroless and dust-free wall drain are in of the
Industry known as ineffective "magic box" and still sell for years. This is how Aquapol-HighTech looks from the inside: ...


How the aqua pole belief is announced by sellers:

Here is an e-mail from the Aquapol warehouse of an Aquapol seller from 18.08.07.
I do not catch the text - he speaks for himself.
Mr Lange is the representative for the Aquapol device, see: >>   >>   and >>

Dear Dr.Keck,
with interest and a shake of the head I have read your publication in the internet about the AQUAPOL Mauernrockenlegungssystem.
They are writing here about a system that has been successful on the market for more than 22 years and, with more than 36,000 systems installed across Europe, is no longer part of a new system.
In doing so it has proved a thousandfold (according to the accepted DARR method) that it works.
Working here means that it has drained buildings and keeps them dry.
What is the purpose of this publication? Who are you lubricating?
If you post such a post, you should do your homework beforehand. The world is always turning. (see: www.ESA / SPEZIALS / GSP / SEMO / L60VGJE 0.html). We are now living in 2007!
Only as an indication, if you have stopped at some point.
If I go under your name, I must say that you are one of those contemporaries who are opposed to everything that they may or may not want to understand, probably because of their age.
Even though you are against all alternatives and new ones, I would nevertheless like to invite you to visit a number of objects that you want to determine that are kept dry and dry with AQUAPOL.
A list can be obtained safely via AQUAPOL.
Because AQUAPOL can prove that the AQUAPOL system works. Whether one wants to understand the mode of action or not.
But you probably will not have the courage to do that. Because it would certainly shake up your worldview that there are things (on this planet) that work, though they can not be scientifically explained.
Only the verbal (and stupidly also written (for the court!)) Assertion that it can not work, promotes a very thin ice. (see link:
You too (and your backers) will not be able to stop the AQUAPOL system BECAUSE
In expectation of your answer
I stay with Uwe Lange , Am hint 459969 Bromskirchen

List of sellers on the website, who turn the scientologist Aquapolhokuspokus in good faith people:
Uwe Lange, Am touch 4, 59969 Bromskirchen (Frankenberg / Eder)
Holger Lange, Kastanienweg 5a, 34289 Zierenberg
Bernd Eckstein, Voedestraße 66, 58455 Witten
Heiner Siepmann, Scharnhorststraße 8, 59759 Arnsberg
Ulrich Schulte-Weber, Am Kurzen Siepen 19, 59755 Arnsberg
Wolfgang Schmidt, Hahnhof 36, 57572 Niederfischbach
Hatscher-Führ, In the Beats, 56589 Datzeroth
Martin Schnittcher, Aachener Strasse 6, 47169 Duisburg


Of course, there has not been a single proof for over 30 years. Mr. Mohorn repeatedly told courts that he can not prove it, and certainly not in a double-blind study .
In addition, it does not matter what is in the device. It can be air, sawdust, copper pipes, sand etc. Where it supposedly works is completely no matter what is in the device.
He has not even been able to prove in a simple study that it works.

Mr. Mohorn:
Brief Description of the
Principle of Effect Approximately centrally in the building, a lampshade-like device is installed, which eliminates only the ascending moisture content in the old masonry, according to a not accepted school physics hypothesis of 1992 by electromagnetic waves that are not yet measurable with today's electronic measurement technology.
The dehumidifying effect has not yet been confirmed under strictly scientific laboratory conditions, but recently practical laboratory models * have been developed.

So far there is no proof of effectiveness. Not under "strictly scientific laboratory conditions" and not under simple laboratory conditions.
If the supposed waves are not measurable until now, how does he know in his imagination that they are "electromagnetic-like" or even "waves"?
The "rising moisture content" is anyway prevented by coarse-pore capillary-breaking layers and thus everyone should be able to understand the mode of action of the device:

Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics, IPB Release 337 of 1998, Causes of damage in old buildings:
rising damp, hygroscopic moisture or condensation?
Rising humidity
Ascending humidity, in conjunction with drainage, horizontal barrier or injection remedies, is much more frequently debated as a causative agent than it is in practice. Exterior walls of moated castles or quay walls, which have direct contact with water, are humid at most until the second or third stone layer. This corresponds to measurement results that have been obtained in the past in various institutes and which are shown by way of example in Figure 2. While with a continuous mortar disc or a plaster, a large rise height is recorded, this is very low in masonry and ends at brick masonry about 20 cm. The reason for this is that there is a large contact resistance between different materials such as brick and mortar., 2. Causes of damp basements and wet walls: /feucht/feucht02.html

Normally there is no rising damp in masonry because the joints are more coarse-pored and therefore function as a capillary-breaking layer:

At the latest now everyone should understand why the Aquapol device, no matter what it is and what it looks like, if then only helps against rising damp and why you can not measure his fantasy waves.
After Mr. Mohorn has been removed as a construction-accompanying measure, the plaster becomes drier, because the moisture in the plaster rises higher and without plaster, the wall dries faster. That in the masonry, the moisture then no longer rises is due to the capillary-breaking layers and not on the Mohorn antenna, if you hung them. So you can hang everything there and an old rag and get the same result.

Lecture at the Hanseatic renovation days in Warnemünde 3.-5. 11. 2005 on the subject of Aquapol:
The Austrian inventor Wilhelm Mohorn, founder of the company Aquapol, uses the space energy to dry masonry. He has allegedly already sold 20,000 of his not-so-cheap devices. By the way, they also neutralize earth rays. The German technical school professor KE Lotz publicly confirms the effectiveness of his devices. Another Austrian inventor, Johann Grander, refines tap water by installing a closed vial of a particularly healing water that he distributes into the water pipe. Its information radiation then transmits to the tap water. Grander was awarded in 2001 with the Austrian Cross of Honor for Science and Art.

For most physicists, the claims of the para-scientists, if they contain a physical statement at all, are too absurd to discuss seriously. The physicist considers the psychiatrist responsible here rather than the scientist. Unfortunately, psychiatrists do not understand enough physics to recognize paraphysics as such. The most interesting book on dowsers that I know comes from a sociologist [11], and it seems to me that he hits the nail on the head: Parasitic sciences are a complex social phenomenon that can only be understood if you do not judge the truth, but asks about the social function.


Pseudoscientific evidence from a Prof. Lotz on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Aquapol, which scientifically borders on fraud:

"The measurements submitted by Prof. Lotz do not meet scientific requirements. It concerns pseudoscientific investigations, with which the reader or prospective customers at the Aquapolgerät to be simulated, that the device exercises effects, which are scientifically not erkärbar. "

The evidence does not even meet the simplest requirements to demonstrate any traceability. Such a procedure is shameful for a professor:

Prof. Lotz is himself a member of pseudoscientist Mohorn his space energy club: Aquapol, science fiction in the basement


In the past, pseudo-scientist Mohorn could even measure the rays that he does not know, according to his own statements, and can not even measure, and with the non-measured energies, he could even perform non-existent calculations:

Humidity damage to historic hotel:
"... Further measurements checked the range and strength of the now effective field. ... "

On page 127 of his book "Targeted Old Buildings", Mohorn writes:
"... Measurements and comparative calculations of absorbed and released energy show that another form of energy flows into the system and considerably increases the effective area of ​​the dehumidifier. ... "

Trade journal of the German timber and building protection association Aquapol questions the credibility of TV-Pastor fly
... Just a week before, on 23 November 2008, the district court of Munich prohibited on behalf of the people a distributor of Aquapol equipment under threat of a fine up to 250.000,00 € or a substitute order of six months to continue his unfair advertising.
Among other things, the company has been prohibited from soliciting statements in the event of expulsion of the box, as Aquapol units are suitable for "dry-building" or "draining damp walls". The same prohibition applies to misleading promises such as "never damp walls", "the device counteracts the forces that increase the water in the pores of the masonry," "successful wall drainage", "environmentally friendly wall drainage", "... The method works with space energy - without chemistry, electricity or complex construction work ", as well as" Aquapol wins the fight against damp walls ".
The judgment, which was preceded by a complaint of the Association Social Competition on the initiative of the German Timber and Building Protection Association, justified the Munich district court that the company Aquapol breached the prohibited advertising claims against the provisions of the law against unfair competition, as the alleged effects of their devices can not be scientifically proven or confirmed . Such a proof would not even result from the own claims of the distributor, because this acknowledged in the process itself that "at the present time the proof with the rules of the recognized physics is not feasible".
Also, the effect of the advertised devices by expert reports is not yet possible and it is accordingly not possible to prove that any drying of walls and buildings was actually due to the use of the advertised devices. In the process, the distributor company even had to concede that any successes would not be present at the present time due to a lack of traceability. ...


The psychological Aquapol antenna in the head of Scientologist Mohorn:

Advertising for Scientology by Mohorn at the Senate for Economics in Austria )

12. Wall dehumidification without electricity Wilhelm Mohorn's Aquapol-Technologie
"... He began to develop cylindrical air coils without an iron core, which according to his ideas would have to receive the postulated dynamic earth force field. Since the coils alone had no effect, he came up with the idea of ​​forming their ends as antennas. ... "

So just in his imagination imagined as an antenna and it worked so immediately. What he thinks in his imagination just for the experience of an antenna that works with electricity. Since copper is a good conductor of electricity, he probably chose copper for the reason. In fact, no electrical currents are measurable on his apparatus and an effect is according to his statements in the judicial injunction also not detectable.

It does not matter which Blödelantenne he builds, because this has always no effect or for him the same effect:

Antenna types, antenna book

In the figure some antenna types are listed by way of example.

In the book with now nearly 1500 pages one can inform oneself about the dimensioning rules of antennas in detail:

With him as the only human in the world receives a simple copper rod, which he just as a fantasy "antenna" uses but space energy that you can not measure or prove and for which he has performed non-existent calculations.

More specifically, this receives the "postulated dynamic earth force field" (see
It was due to this Erdkraftfeldes ever registered an esoteric patent, which of course has never been granted:
water vortex egg for bioenergetic harmonization and energizing the environment

One throws with invented esoteric "technical terms" only around, whose energies but all exist only in the imagination and can not really be demonstrated.

Its fantasy power antenna due to fantasy earth power fields receives some energy and is at the same time transmitter transmitting an energy converted in an area of ​​about 500sqm again. You can not measure both energies and how does he know that an energy has been converted?

At the same time, this energy affects water as it rises in walls and eventually has other undetectable esoteric effects. But only water should be physically influenced and believe in the spit.

As with the divining rod, he found exactly what he was looking for.
The disturbance zones in which earth rays are created are not in the earth, but in the head:
"It has long been known that every dowser finds the fault zones elsewhere. If you send enough dowsers one after the other in the same way, there is no undisturbed place left at all. ... In fact, everyone responds to the momentary impulses of his imagination. "

"The device is installed by a technician in the middle of the room. The effective area extends over 500 m².
Turning right, Aquapol polarizes the absorbed space energy, ... " drying-accommodation-flat-_id470.html

So he receives the "postulated dynamic earth force field" or sometimes "gravomagnetic energy" converts it into right-handed polarized space energy and both are not measurable. And you can not say it often enough. Years ago, he even did calculations with both non-measurable energies. He has not proved in any attempt so far that the plastic ball has any effect even on a square meter and the fantasy rays he can not measure and still he knows that the effective range extends to 500 square meters.

Although he can not measure the energy, he knows the magnitude of the effective range and he even knows that the non-measurable energy radiation is right-handed polarized.
In the esoteric, right-handed water has positive properties on biological systems, which of course can not be detected or measured.

"Mohorn not only claims that these waves exist, but also that there is a whole spectrum of these waves. He wants to make the reader believe he knows this spectrum, but he does not share how he measured it and what results he obtained in his measurements. "

Before the LG Munich he then admitted that he can not measure any of these waves and has never measured them. Otherwise he would be the only person on earth who could measure such "waves". However, if you can build an antenna with a copper rod that receives and transforms these unknown waves, everything is psychologically possible, even though it has done non-existent calculations.

I guess he ate too much left-handed yoghurt cultures, so in his imagination he needs an opposite twist in his head.


How Scientologist Mohorn misguides bona fide people with a thesis:

That you can write about such a nonsense at all a diploma thesis in which the impression is given that anything was scientifically proven, is already awesome.

Diploma thesis "Influence of the Aquapol - Equipment Field on Plants":
It has been shown that a moistening and dehumidifying effect
depends on the type of device. To capture further parameters, a more detailed
investigation would be necessary.

If you read this one has the impression it would have been the function of the device actually proven.
First, 2 devices were provided, one with fantasizing left-handed effective field and one with right-handed effective field. In fact, Mr. Mohorn can not measure the "effective field" at all.

Of course, only the year 2000 is presented by Mr. Mohorn with sunflowers and barley. The on the side with the supposedly humidifying device the yield was always higher even if the devices were exchanged is concealed:
1) In the laboratory where one can best produce as equal conditions as possible resulted in the cultivation of beans no difference.
2) In 2000, there was a difference. The harvest under the humidifying device was up to 30% higher for sunflowers and barley.
3) In 2001, the experiment was repeated without equipment with wheat. The yield on the former moistening left Aquapolgerätseite was about 16% higher.
"This suggests that the soil quality at the former moistening site (III) is better than in the rest of the field."
4) In 2005, sunflowers were grown and the equipment replaced.
Yield on the formerly left humidifying aquapool device side was about 10% higher.
"The soil water levels in 2005 were very similar and there were hardly any differences between the humidifying and dehumidifying site."

In the laboratory under exactly the same conditions there is no discernible difference:

(2007): Influence of the Aquapol device field of action on plants,Diploma thesis, abstract:
However, the rainfall was distributed differently in the experimental years. The years 2000 and 2001 were rather dry but in 2005 there was about 16% more rainfall than in the same years. Accompanying soil tests confirm a higher soil water content for 2005 than in the years 2000 and 2001. If there is now an effect of Aquapolgeräte, this is only in rather dry locations. As soon as enough water is present in the soil, which was also evident in the tests with runner beans in the laboratory, there is no discernible difference.Since in the course of this work indicators for the effect of aquapol devices could be measured only in one year, it is necessary to carry out further experiments to finally clarify this question. "
Https:// sprache_in = en & menue_id_in = 206 & id_in = hochschulschrift_id_in = 6024

The left bluish area has the following type of soil:
Aggradierte, calcareous moist black earth from older, fine Schwemmmaterial
over gravel, profound, moderately damp.

The following soil type is present in the middle:
Calcareous wet black earth from older, fine Schwemmmaterial over gravel,
middle to deep, changeable damp with overwhelming of the damp phase.
moist black earth from older, fine Schwemmmaterial, deep, moist.

The following soil type was present on the right in the red area:
Lime-containing wet black earth from older, fine Schwemmmaterial, deep,
moderately moist to moist.

Although the soil types would have differed only slightly, but the different amounts of precipitation due to the types of soil or the nutrient content may already lead to different results.


How do such devices with very different (for the purpose) non-existent functions actually work on the example of other esoteric diviners and other Erdstrahlengesöcks:

Why should such a part with 20-30 EUR material value not everyone else much cheaper to recreate and possibly sell it?
The reason why it costs about 5000 EUR is that if it costs 49 or 99 EUR hardly anyone believes. And it also needs to be installed by a "technician" which increases faith once again.
The high price makes people believe and feel.

How to keep Earth's rays away from patients:
In Norway, a study was published in 2005 with 80 patients (67 women and 13 men) complaining of chronic musculoskeletal complaints. The study was conducted as a randomized double-blind study. Half of the patients were given a device that, according to the manufacturer, is intended to keep the Earth's radiation from the patients responsible for the disease. The other patient group got a placebo device. The study went on for six months. The patients were questioned by means of a subjective health complaints (SHC) questionnaire. Allergies, pseudo-neurological and gastrointestinal diseases were recorded. A significant decrease in subjective health complaints occurred after about six weeks (28-45%, P <0, 05-.001). However, there was no significant difference between the placebo group and "real" devices.

There was nothing in the earth-jetting equipment that had any physical effect, and there was nothing in the placebo cases. If you had something done in eg. a few paper clips or sawdust would have been found that paper clips or sawdust cause the same effect.
And what about air in a case, because the housings contained trapped air?
You can always justify everything with unproven imbecility but somehow logical for people!

Accordingly, the Aquapol construction drying works at about 28-45%.
Whereby Aquapol depends on it a bit if it happens that it actually dries up but only because of other accompanying measures that are supposed to be carried out if the moisture content is actually proven.

In the case of the divining rod with earth rays, this is something like this:

However, in a double-blind experiment by dowsers in 1946, homogeneously distributed terrestrial radiation was detected everywhere:
"... because the same dowser has indicated non-existent water pipes in other fields,Cast iron pipe of 55 cm diameter with upper edge at a depth of approx. 1.4 m below the road surface; 16cbm / minute) across the field G, however, did not notice. This line has not been indicated by any dowser, while non-existent water pipes have been indicated by several dowsers at various locations (obviously influenced by the visible manhole covers in field B). As a possibly positive performance, the approximately correct indication of the course of the channel under the field B by a dowser to evaluate. "

Therefore, there are now the following recognized types of earth radiation, because there are therefore everywhere so lovely earth rays:
Carry grid, Hartmann grid, Benkergitter, plant laser (after Oberbacher), Cool Ley line on the earth's surface, other disturbing earth rays through metals , pipes with running water , Erdgewwerfungen and Erdbrüche etc ,

> ... You can not inherit the practice of walking, you can only learn how to walk. Of course, there is a certain sensitivity to this profession. Association of German dowsers
"Our work involves the measurement of various types of earth jets, the water vein being the best known."

In addition one must know again that according to the rod expert one can locate only flowing water in more than 100m depth!

At the GWUP become the divining rod with appropriate candidates who perfectly master double blind studies and there are 10000 EUR if it works. These are eg. of 10 covered buckets 3 with water to find. All have failed so far!
This is explained to me by other experts, who are tricked out, because you can only locate flowing water in more than 100m vertically upwards.

For example:> Statements such as "you just have to drill deep enough to find water" are not correct, because you are looking for flowing water and not standing water. ( Groundwater ). The university research is, to my knowledge, stagnant water.

The world's first dowsing exhibition
The dowsing test course * also served a scientific purpose. In fact, a 20-meter-long corridor in the exhibition area was selected and laid out with a tape measure, crossing a * water vein * approximately at right angles. The association endeavored in advance five independent dowsers, which, inter alia, successfully in practice fountainsSearch locations. Their readings in the test track were all at (12.0 ± 0.3) m. Then the places of the rod deflections of visitors were (short instructions in dealing with the angle rod) - and here was just the scientifically relevant allure of the blind attempt in that they almost all knew no personal use of the rod - also registered and graphically evaluated. It was already evident that the number of 178 visitors who took part in the test showed usable statistics. The main peak was 12 m.

As we noted above, the dowsing wand works well for people who have not learned it and all can locate a water vein and this even from Carrygitter, Hartmann grid, Benkergitter, plant laser (after Oberbacher), Cool Ley line on the earth's surface, disturbing earth rays of metals, Distort earth faults and earth fractures and deeper water layers, etc.!

That actually results in a Hauptpik at about 12m, if you send 178 visitors over the 20m long test track is not surprising, by the way, because where else could you feel the water vein, after 1,50m or after 11,50m. If there is nothing tangible, the main pic will be in the middle where you suspect something!
This is already proven by the fact that the 6 experienced dowsers have located a "water vein" that naturally does not exist.

With the divining rod you will find everything you just want to find.

How everything shines:

> Since you can not see and measure the earth rays you need a dowser.

> Water veins are underground groundwater streams. They have a terrestrial microwave radiation whose origin, as already mentioned, in the excitation of neutron radiation is suspected.

> To b) One can already locate a stream edge, since here already arise due to the friction of the water with the shore electrical fields.

> Magnetic fields are detected by the magnetosomes embedded in our brain. Electric fields due to the polarization of molecules with a high dielectric constant, such as water (81). However, it is not known in which body (brain) part this takes place.

I explain that, though. It is the limbic system that controls the instinct for hatching and especially for earning money. The switching point is more precisely in the hippocampus which emotionally controls the "magnetosome" and the unknown part of the brain.

In addition, magnetic and electric fields, as well as microwave radiation can be measured at all and for all these radiations, there are measuring devices that less than a thousandth of the measuring what the human perceives.

Now, slowly, everyone should realize how an Aquapol drywall antenna works.

According to the manufacturer, however, this also works with gravomagnetic energy (radiation).

Aquapol science fiction in the cellar, observers:
"The gravomagnetic energy has never been demonstrated in a scientific experiment," writes physicist Kolja Prothmann of the Max Planck Institute: "The only reference I know refers to the science fiction series <Moon Base Alpha 1> from 1977. "


Tesla, Casimir, NASA and the zero point energy

NASA has made the following statement:
"Zero Point Energy is a potential bottomless sea of ​​invisible, ultra powerful energy ..." - NASA news release in 2005

Wilhelm Mohorn:
"The mode of operation of the innovative Aquapol system is based on the theoretical assumption (working hypothesis 1992), that it uses an energy that fills the entire space, in quantum physics" zero point energy "* (known from the Casimir effect) ... "

In a video , pseudo-scientist Mohorn explains the Casimir zero-point magnetokinesis earth-beam force, which can easily push water down with a force of 400 kg per cubic meter of masonry, because ... up to 400kg of water are contained in the masonry.
Madness: "This is such a force, because you need a forklift."
His "antenna" generates a pressure of up to 600t (thrust of a rocket).

The zero-point energy can only be generated if it actually exists and if you spend additional electrical energy. Furthermore, the energy can only be used in a vacuum and indeed according to the theory, if there is no other matter in the vacuum. The "zero point energy" is generated in vacuum (at zero point) by the supply of electrical energy. It is not an independent energy that can be "received", at most mentally esoteric.

Although the "antenna" for 10 EUR of Wilhelm Mohorn supposedly can generate a thrust of 600t with which he receives the zero point energy from space, the Casimir effect and zero point energy has nothing to do with his "antenna".
He can even build several different "antenna types" that are supposed to work. Casimir's Zero Point Energy is made up of 2 material plates placed almost infinitely close to each other. Where are these plates in space with the supply of electrical energy that he "receives"?

There is no vacuum on Earth, there is other matter, it does not apply any additional electrical energy, and the "antenna" does not move because there is no force on it. A similar back pressure would have to be exerted on the antenna because we have no vacuum and gravity on earth.
If the water would move instead of the "antenna" due to the Casimir effect, then the Casimir effect in the walls would have to be in the water and the water would have to press against the antenna. But how does the "intelligent" water know that there is an "antenna" hanging against it? Since the water would first know where exactly the antenna hangs.

Terrestrial radiation instead of physics: Does the water also believe in it?

His theories are so completely nonsense:

PD Dr. rer. nat. Klaus Keck:
"Out of Mohorn's many nonsensical claims, here are just a few examples ..."

Prof. Erhard Wielandt, Institute of Geophysics, University of Stuttgart, Broadcast: ZDF-WISO:
"What the company Aquapol says here about the operation of the devices, I can not classify that as right or wrong. It's not a scientific explanation, it just does not make sense to me. That's nonsense. "

Rainer Bunge, Professor of Environmental Technology at Rapperswil University of Applied Sciences:
The explanation for the operation of Aquapol read, "as if someone had driven with the random generator on a physics encyclopedia ".

It would be more useful if he would explain that his "antenna" emits anticapillary radiation and everyone can build the "antenna" (according to the instructions in his patent) for no 10 EUR itself. That would make sense at first sight.

NASA is undertaking research to use so-called zero-point energy in space to drive frigates. This receives the zero point energy but not by an "antenna", but it is tried this example. in an engine with supplied electrical energy in a vacuum (at zero point) to produce:

... By investigating the relatively new area of ​​observable consequences of quantum vacuum fluctuations and the use of highly qualified aerospace engineers , NASA hopes to build a propulsion system that does not require fuel, only energy in the form of electric power.
NASA Answer: Quantum Vacuum Fluctuations. And so Eagleworks was born. Their goal is to use complex and highly specialized conductive cavities to create a thrust that "pushes" against the negative pressure of outer passing the flow of virtual electrons and positrons generated by a standing high frequency wave in the closed cavity. If that were possible, it would only need some electricity, and the only barrier between humanity and a future in the stars would be the time it takes to get somewhere.

To propel rockets and provide thrust, current space flight technologies rely almost exclusively on the use of chemicals as fuel, including liquid oxygen, hydrazine, mixed solid fuels and many more. The biggest disadvantage of such a fuel is the fixed ratio of thrust to weight. If you want more thrust or longer thrust, you need to bring more fuel. It would be much nicer if you could bring a small, solar-powered, fixed-weight space machine to move your spaceship around. But what would give the boost?

As already mentioned, this measurement of the thrust generated by pressing against the vacuum of space-time has considerable resistance from the physics community, and rightly so. The most obvious problem is a simple violation of momentum conservation. NASA claims to build an "engine" that can theoretically come to rest without emitting matter or photons. Trivial, pfinal? pinitial is a problem! Although unlikely, it is possible for the drive to create a thrust by expelling another type of weakly interacting particle, possibly even through a mechanism that is not currently encoded by the standard model.

Apart from the physical arguments, the claimed measurement is reported to observe a 10 micronewtons thrust with a slow (1 / f) drift of the order of 100 micronsewton. From a purely metrological point of view, this type of measurement is subject to errors, even if methods for identifying signals are used on the basis of their spectral properties. Over time, better measurements may be made.

The use of energy and thrust from the vacuum of space would undeniably be amazing and is the main goal of the project in NASA's Eagleworks labs. However, such an idea must deal with physical laws such as simple conservation of momentum and would benefit from a well-described mechanism, even if it is only an effective description.

It has recently been shown that vacuum fluctuations in a prototype EM drive have shown thrust. This is an absurd measurement that is physically impossible, both for fundamental and metrological reasons, as the brief discussion above has shown. /

His "antenna" has nothing to do with the infinite solar energy described by Tesla, because that is already explainable that this often in the basement in the dark and in addition, in a housing in which it is dark. Photovoltaic systems are now and probably no developer has been killed under ominous circumstances, etc., because he has developed it. Why does not Wilhelm Mohorn do anything, if he really had "physically developed" something physically and the researchers always ominously lost their lives?

The allegedly free energy of Nicola Tesla is solar radiation:
In the free energy also historically significant people like Nikola Tesla play a role. His person and works such as the Magnifying transmitter are often mentioned in the field of legend building as an example of the practical application of free energy.
Nikola Tesla was a dazzling personality with good contacts in upscale New York society and financiers like JP Morgan. From 1890 he speculated on ways to use the energy available in space, emphasizing that not the static, but only the kinetic energy is available. In the January 1901 issue of the high-circulation US magazine Collier's Weekly, he claimed to have already had contact with aliens in 1899. In March 1901 he applied for his patent for a device for the use of radiant energy, which is intended to capture "space energy" and convert it into electrical energy. However, the actual patent does not refer to "free energy" or "space energy":
Case upon the plate P on accumulation of electrical energy in the condenser C will result.
" It turns out that with the apparatus constructed as shown, the radiation of the sun or any other source which can cause the effects described above, when hitting the plate P causes an accumulation of electrical energy in the capacitor C. "
- Nikola Tesla: US - Patent 685.957, p. 2, Z. 44 ff.
By this machine so the electromagnetic radiation of the sun is to be converted by a photocell ("Plate P") into electricity and thus a capacitor to be charged.



There are also believers who believe in Mr. Mohorn's belief in his aquapolis belief and earn money:

And when you get paid for something, then the faith changes.

Exactly it is angegekert with the buyer. Anyone who has paid 5000 EUR, would like to believe in the 5000 EUR and if nothing was behind it, then it would not be so expensive.

The fault zones in which earth rays are created are not in the earth, but in the head.
Whoa, who has trouble spots in your head? Is it not possible to clearly detect earth radiation with magnetometers? Have not they been found in the same places by generations of dowsers? Have not numerous experiments carried out under supervision confirmed the existence of terrestrial rays and their pathogenic effects? Is not it true that dowsers find water veins where all scientific methods fail? Will not the earth rays be hushed up by the scientists only because they are finished with their wisdom?
None of this is true. Noise zones, earth rays or grid lines specified by dowsers have never been detected with measuring instruments. They are fantasies. Only someone who has never worked with them can say that the measuring devices are not sensitive enough. Geophysical gauges show many things that no dowser sees, but they do not react to the alleged fault zones. It has long been known that every dowser finds the fault zones elsewhere. If you send enough dowsers in succession in the same way, there is no undisturbed place left at all [Gassmann 1946] . The dowsers explain this by saying that they respond to different radiations. In fact, everyone responds to the momentary impulses of his imagination.
Water searching is considered simple in dowser circles, as a bread trade for those who have no higher talent. Nevertheless, the results are catastrophic [Wagner 1955] . ...
earth-radiation-esoterics instead of physics: Does the water also believe in that?
Miracle Healer Test: Failed (Spiegel TV Magazine 06.09.09 / RTL)
RTL II, World of Wonders & GWUP: Dowsing Rods in the Test, Part 1/2
SWR RP concerns, All lazy spell !? - The Paranormal On Trial, 1/6

If the faith is only big enough, then everything can be explained with new faith but also with alleged manipulation:
The Psi-Tests of the GWUP 2009 (Skeptiker 3/2009)

Wilton Kullmann 09.11.2013:
Now to the two subsequent radiation tests, in which I wanted to prove after the depressing announcement of my inexplicable failure but still the existence of the rays. At the first test, a positive rosebud was thrown into an empty drinking glass and I should notice on the hidden glass whether the bud is still in the jar. When testing the masked glass, I detected the positive radiation and thus assumed that the bud was still in the glass, which was not the case. During the subsequent readjustment of the experiment, I noticed that the impact of the bud on the bottom of the glass is positively charged, which does not change after removing the bud. Everyone can adjust this test and will get the same result. On the second test, I wanted to use a rod on a hidden electric water heater or a hidden hotplate to determine if the power is on or not. The following explanation: Since in the ground line of the current socially accommodating negative earth rays, the rod pulsates with AC, which is otherwise the case only for a positive object. In the absence of any of the above-mentioned devices, the test was performed on a coffee machine. From the pulsing of the rod, I concluded that the power was on, but that turned out to be wrong afterwards. Later on, I found that most coffees had positive radiation, causing the rod to pulsate rather than AC, as I assumed. Again, this test can be readjusted on any electric stovetop and on most coffees, and you will also get the same result. When using a pendulum instead of the rod this confusion can not occur, as coffee causes clockwise turns, but AC turns left at the pendulum.

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