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If you dont find the answers you are looking for, please feel free to 'Ask a Question'.  If we think its relevant, we'll write a page and put it on the site.  Please note that if you are looking for specific advice about a problem, the Knowledge Base has a facility to allow you to purchase an hour of our time to discuss your issues in detail.

Links to help you

There are a bewildering variety of different organisations out there who can help with the history of your home.  Here are a few links that may be worth following up:

The 1901 census online

Ancient Monuments Society - these guys campaign for protection of old places - not sure if there is any money available though

Architectural Heritage Fund - this is more for Scottish help 

British Association for Local History - These guys will help you learn more about your house

Churches Conservation Trust - Very big, work on church conservation - good if you own one and need help 

Drystone Walling Association - I always wanted to do this for a living - no stress, just lovely old walls

Listed Property Owners Club - Good point of contact for insurance and finance on old buildings

SPAB (Society for the Preservation of Ancient Buildings) - Jolly nice chaps, except they actually speak to the PCA :-(