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Following the terrible fire in London, in which insulation clad to the building burned - we tweeted our thoughts that insulation was burning.  We attached to the tweet our video of burning Kingspan to show people how dangerous the stuff can be.  

To our amazement, Kingspan complained that it was defamatory and had it removed from Youtube.  Their letter claims we had deliberately set out to 'defame' their company.  This just goes to show what an utterly disgusting and uncaring company this is - they DELIBERATELY have a video removed from the internet which shows how a product can be dangerous - to protect their own self interests.  This is Big Brother in action, and needs to be stopped.  We are reporting this to the HSE as we speak, and want a fulll independent investigation into the flammability of these foam products - indeed ANY foam boards - it doesn't matter who the manufacturer is.  Over 20 people have died so far, and the fire has highlighted possible failings in fire safety of these products.  You would think that all manufacturers would rush to make sure their products are safe - but the actions of Kingspan to actually remove a video from the internet showing THEIR product, burning fiercely in a dangerous manner, shows just what dreadful things these big companies will do to protect their self interests. It's interesting that the threatening letter to us came from none other than Kingspan's Marketing Manager for the UK - Oh Dear - so he's worried he might lose some sales - but no worries if we kill a few people.

After threats from Kingspan to sue us for defamation if we published anything about their insulation, we thought we'd have another go at burning their insulation.  This video shows a stack of kingspan being burned in my woodburner - lit with a few sheets of paper from the office waste paper bin.  This video shows how easily Kingspan burns and emits horrible toxic fumes. Kingspan wrongly told us their products were not involved with Grenfell Tower - they were.  I'd be very happy if this form of insulation was banned from any use in buildings.

Just listen to the roar of the fire as soon as I put the kingspan board into the fire and close the door...

Youtube obviously thought is WAS NOT defamatory because a day later the video was up again - so sod kingspan.

Kingspan is made from horrible petroleum derivatives which are about the most Non-Green, Toxic and un-environmental things you could ever use.  

Just think - you could use sheepwool insulation instead, which is environmentally friendly, non flammable, lovely to work with, and totally green.

Kingspan (or ANY foam based boards ) attracts condensation - it creates a lot of problems in houses where it is used in roof spaces. I've seen it many times used in warm roof construction, and it is very prone to condensation.  Insulate your house, increase humditity levels, and suffer the consequences of mould and disintegrating plasterboard when you use kingspan or similar products - Foam boards cased with foil.  I saw one house recently which has a collapsing dining room ceiling. Everyone had investigated it and found no cause. I opened the wardrobe and found Kingspan stuck to the wall and painted over.  Condensation was running down the BACK of the Kingspan, where it was stuck to the wall and dripping onto the ceiling, rotting it.  We ripped the Kingspan out, and problems were solved.  To re-insulate the bedroom, we used sheepwool - which is breathable, does not attract condensation, can hold moisture if the air gets humid, and draws formaldehydes out of the air and fixes them.

In another case in Bristol, the owners had long term problems with water running down walls.  They thought it was the roof, the valleys, the gutters, you name it.  They spent thousands on scaffold getting to the roof, then finding there was nothing wrong with it.  We were called in as a last ditch attempt to find the cause.  Five minutes later - we found it - Kingspan insulation in the roof of the attic rooms was literally pouring condensation down the back of the boards and down the wall.  Kingspan was ripped out and scrapped, sheepwool insulation replaced it, and problems disappeared.  

I have had exactly the same problem in my own house - Kingspan insulation in the roof structure, fitted as per their spec, and pouring condensation down the ceiling, rotting timbers, soaking plasterboard, and causing mould and mildew.  Kingspan insulation can be a disaster waiting to happen - I won't even THINK about using it.

In the photos here, it is used in a cellar which is quite damp.  Moisture condenses on the kingspan and dribbles down the walls and timbers, rotting timbers, soaking the floor from the drips, and causing havoc to anything left in the cellar.  We installed humidity controlled extraction, and the Kingspan is still attracting condensation.  It will be ripped out shortly and replaced with breathable sheepwool which is able to deal with the humidity, holding moisture and releasing it as the cellar dries out.

Kingspan burns like a rocket engine - we tested it in the woodburner - it's a good fuel for your fire - there's no way it is fire safe, no matter what anyone says about it - this is a link to a video we made recently of burning Kingspan: Of course you may not be able to see it, because Kingspan - the mega million pound company that thinks it is above fire safety rules and puts money in front of people's safety, has had it removed from the internet.



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